Should there be minimum educational qualification criteria to become Ministers in Indian Government? 


It is ironical that on one hand we never get tired telling importance of education, yet for biggest posts of country, there is no min. education qualification. The one who run the entire country, the one whose vision can take us forward or backward-need no education to become Government Ministers.

If a citizen wants to serve country, he can serve in many ways. It is not necessary to be CM or PM to serve nation. You can serve as a social activist (that too without any education), you can serve in army or just by becoming a law-abiding citizen. But important posts must be reserved for experts or at least for those who have a damn degree!

Many will argue that nation is not run by politicians but by Bureaucrat s and they are the one who are highly Qualified. Yes, I was in the same impression but no more. Since I saw Mr. Modi and Yogi Government I have my doubts. I can’t keep my eyes shut and believe Bureaucrat s are running our nation. No they are not! Not anymore!

No Bureaucrat will propose demonization the way it happened. No Bureaucrat will haste to implement GST without prior preparedness. If they did it, we must stop trusting ability of Bureaucracy and their selection procedure. But I am certain, they are not the one behind it. Because Politicians keep coming and going but Bureaucrats remain to serve new govt.

Education opens your mind. It makes you aware of your ignorance. You can be very hard-working; you can have high IQ but without education you can never have a clear world view.

The time has come when the Constitution should clearly tell a politician that he/she should possess some minimum education before entering into the Parliament/Assembly. Degrees must be authenticated from the college or University from where he/she peruse it. How a country with more than 60% literacy can accept illiterate or less educated person to take important position? Ministers not only represent India nationally but Internationally. If you are not educated you will always feel insecure about your education. One, who is becoming PM, must be able to understand that no. of voters cannot exceed total no. of citizen. One should have a common sense that no. of villages in one state cannot be greater than whole nation.

Let’s raise our voice about this issue.

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