Should Government make it compulsory for IIT students to serve nation for minimum 2 years?


There are two kind of persons who leave India for work:

  1. Those who are the best and want more and more money. They mostly want to go to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan. Once settled, they do not want to come back. They hardly sent money to India for family as they have so many expenses there.
  2. Those who fail to find decent job and decided to go out of nation for earning living. These people normally find jobs in Asian and African Countries. The highest density of such peoples is found in middle east. They always dream to go back to India and start some business or to find a decent job back in India. They send most of their earnings back to India pumping billions of dollars of foreign money to home country.

The very purpose of creating IIT’s were to produce excellent talent to serve the nation and not to throw away the Taxpayers money spent on IITians. The fees IITians pay is a fraction of expenditure on them by Government. Everyone has right to have good job decent life but our first duty is towards our Nation. If we are able to secure good job here, we must not run behind Dollars. India need talented people. Our country will become poorer if we continue this brain drain. I know here we have lot of problems. But running away with problem is not bravery. Facing them is bravery.

30% Indians are living below the poverty line. Only cutting edge technology, Industrialization and modernization of agriculture can uplift them. For all that we need talented people to stay here and work for Nation. So students of all premium colleges should dedicate 2 years in service of motherland from where they received everything before they start thinking about themselves.

Share your feedback in comment section. Thanks.

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