Sustained Society

Blind Marriages

  There are many broken marriages because of the physical or mental incompatibility. People marry without knowing each other. They take the oath of living together forever as soul mate and in very first night they come to… Read More

Sustainability in Everything

Scientist and Futurist are finding ways to terraform Mars for future use in case earth became inhabitable. But if we implement sustainability in all walks of life, we will never need another planet. Our earth is sufficient for… Read More

Rafale Deal : The saga of Mr. Modi love with Reliance

  Executive Summery: Purchase price per Rafale Fighter Aircraft: India (Under BJP) Rafale = .216 Billion Euro for fully built Rafales off the shelf¬† (Total 36) Qatar =0.3 Billion Euro Rafale with MBDA Missile and training to 36… Read More

Help poor’s to earn livelihood

We help beggars, sometimes because of their condition and sometimes because they irritate us by begging for long time. But when a poor person tries to earn money by hard work-we never help him. Instead we try to… Read More

Should there be minimum educational qualification criteria to become Ministers in Indian Government? 

  It is ironical that on one hand we never get tired telling importance of education, yet for biggest posts of country, there is no min. education qualification. The one who run the entire country, the one whose… Read More

Space exploration and Human steps on Mars

With the present speed of rockets (though it is still a marvel of human capability) future of deep space exploration is gloomy. But NASA and other space agencies are working on different propulsion fuel including nuclear to increase… Read More