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Ten mistakes new bloggers can avoid:

  Writing about yourself all the time: Until you are a celebrity or interesting person, avoid giving examples from your life and most importantly do not write about your daily routine. If you have a travel related blog,… Read More

Real Happiness:

Most of us want a decent job to earn enough money to live a happy life. However, within a short span of time, they realize that they are not happy even though they are earning ample salary. Money… Read More

Discover yourself & live a meaningful life:

For whole life, we remain busy in learning about everything except our self. For first 20 years (up to graduation) of our education, we learn about the world and everything in it. However, no one teach us about… Read More

Why Sex is a taboo in the land of Kama Sutra?

  There are several schools in India, where teachers are protesting against teaching Sex education forget about teaching reproduction. They skip whole chapter on reproduction as if it is something sinful or shameful. I wonder how India became… Read More

HALALA-How peoples misuse religion:

  In Islam, Marriage is a permanent contract between man and women to live together with consent. Man is allowed to divorce wife in extreme condition but divorce is not considered as a good act. If a husband… Read More

Finally, Wheel Start Rolling!

  I would like to thanks all friends and bloggers who viewed, liked and followed my posts. Today I completed 50 posts and 50 followers. So Excited :). In the beginning, it was very difficult journey but now… Read More

Truth about Vaastu Shastra

While making or buying a new house in India , the very first thing peoples  enquire about is whether house is built according to Vaastu (Meaning dwelling) or not. What is Vastu Shastra and does it affect human life… Read More

Friends- Assets or Liability?

  We all have friends at some point of time if not always. However, there is a mark difference between friends and the true friends. Many friends are actually just attention seekers, opportunity driven Peoples who pretend to be… Read More

Lazy Brain

We are lazy by default to save energy for emergency. Accepting things without investigating takes less energy so we tend to believe things rather investigating about it. We, human, are the pattern seeking animals. Our subconscious start looking… Read More

Silent Cry!

How will you feel if you have your own baby but you are not in a position to call him/her your baby? You want to cherish him/her, but you can’t! For an Author, his work, his book is… Read More

How to deal with unconscious biases

  Ever wonder repenting after doing something wrong with someone else like getting angry on trivial things, writing or speaking hateful word, condemning some action without logical reasons etc. If we are fully in-charge of our self, why… Read More

War and Peace:

Part-1: WARS Whenever I start believing we are living in most peaceful time ever, I found some disturbing pictures of mass killing and wars on social media. Last time it was Myanmar, now it is Syria. It seems like Muslims are becoming soft target everywhere. Partially Muslims are responsible for it. They keep fighting… Read More