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How to make life happy by having right attitude towards life.

  Life is all that we have. Once we are dead, we immediately changed from human being to a dead-body ready to be buried or burned. Before being alive, we were star-dust. Then become sperm and ovum. When… Read More

Astrology is not Science-Part-II

I always advocate one thing. Do not criticize anything until you do not know about it. If you do not understand something, study it. Learn about it. If learning creates more doubt that means most probably, you were… Read More

Truth about Astrology-Part:I

We never know what can inspire us to write new blog. While surfing through different blogs, I come across a blog on astrology. In 21st century, when we already landed on moon and planning to send man on… Read More

Humanity First

  We, the human, created so many geo-socio-political differences among ourselves that sometimes we forget that we all are human being. These differences are causing aversion, genocides, wars, riots, revolts, mutinies and ethnic cleansing based on gender inequality,… Read More

FUTURE: Electric Cars Vs Fuel Cell Cars.

On one hand, electric car-makers are constructing mega factories for mass production of Li-ion batteries on other hand Japanese companies are investing heavily on hydrogen Fuel cell technology. This race is not about who will come first, rather… Read More

Creativity : How Creative Persons Think?

INSIDE CREATIVE PROCESSES     Studies have shown that consistently creative individuals tend to approach their challenges from a wide variety of angles. Doing so helps create psychological distance from the problem encouraging abstract thinking, a crucial component… Read More

Green Buildings

Green Buildings are energy efficient buildings that provide year-round comfort without the constant need for heating and cooling systems. These homes save you money and they’re great for the environment, so it can only be a good thing… Read More

Wake Up India

Note: Purpose of writing this blog is not to share my life experience but to make everyone realize how we are becoming habitual of everything around us and fail to realise what miserable life we are living! It… Read More

Science is Wrong!

  People have much misconception about Science. Instead of learning and getting some basic scientific education they keep criticising Science and its theories. Just want to ask one question. Which of the below two statements are right reactions… Read More

Is Women Safe in India?

Indian society needs overhauling. Not just for man but for women too. Women are their own enemy.

World is not Enough!

“If the son of Adam were given a valley full of gold, he would love to have a second one; and if he were given the second one, he would love to have a third, for nothing fills… Read More

Post-002: Basic Concept of HVAC

Below are some basics, which can help you to understand properties of moist air and psychometric chart. Dry bulb temperature: It is nothing but normal temperature we measure using ordinary thermometers. Wet bulb temperature: Temperature of moist air…. Read More