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Part-I: Are we bias towards Our Own Religion?

There are several reasons based on which you can believe in any particular religion. Some of them are the direct source of faith and others are indirect, and there are some which just provide strength to faith when… Read More

7 things that can improve your personality:

Below are some easy and practical ways to improve your personality: Walk faster: Those peoples who do not know what they want to do or where they want to go, walk slower. However, when you have clarity in… Read More

A Journey to the Land of Bliss…

Please read till the end to find meaning of the post. Once upon a time, there was a nomad tribe. Their leader had a book of guidance and a map to reach the ultimate place of bounty, pleasure… Read More

Thousands of Indians De-activated Facebook for One day in protest for #India against Rape

Through various protest and candle march across the Nation, Indians proved once again their unity against Rape. It is no more about just Aasifa, Peoples of India are demanding safety for girls and justice for rape victim across… Read More

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World (Episode-5)

Click here to read from Episode-1 I was ready for surprise attack, as we reached near guards, Jubisco jumped on them like the Superman, and he was flying parallel to the ground. In a split second, I make… Read More

How to set a Goal or Objective?

Sometimes you write your heart out, yet you didn’t find overwhelming response. On other time, you write a simple post about any topic and it becomes instant hit. It is really difficult to figure out what people’s will… Read More

Morals: Objective or Relative?

  Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius believed that the purpose of life is not pleasure, but equanimity, which means the ability to live with reason and self-control in any situation. Will you agree if i say, “There is nothing… Read More

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World Episode-4

  Click here for Episode-1 We entered in a building looking like prison. Kate talk in her language with some officers and they hand over me to a Robot looking somewhat similar to Oreo. Oreo-1 took me through… Read More

Some Rare Coins…

George V King Emperor one rupee coin year 1917 on right and Edward VII King Emperor one rupee coin year 1906 on left in below image.     From last 20 years, I am keeping these coins with me…. Read More

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World (Episode-3)

  Click here for Episode-1 I was tired and reached to a level of emotional break down, I wanted to weep and cry loudly. But I control myself. I wanted to prove to them that I am not… Read More

Alien Abduction- The Story of A Female World (Episode-2)

  Click here for Episode-1 Extreme sports were my hobby. Biking, Tracking, Skydiving and kick boxing were few things I enjoyed in free time. I was an Alpha male, that’s why they might choose me. I was 25… Read More

What is Life?

What is life? Sometimes this question raise in our mind. Is a rock alive? How about flowing water or gushing wind? Why we can’t say machines are alive when they can work and move around? How about trees?… Read More