An ordinary person with extraordinary mission:


This is a story of an extra-ordinary person who chooses love over hate and peace over war. When other ordinary persons give up due to pain and suffering he continues with his passion-a passion to make videos to spread peace, love and happiness. Originally from Palestine he moved to USA. When everyone uploaded videos on YouTube, he shared them on Facebook. Today he is having 5.6 million followers on Facebook page. He is an Arab but still do not have Arabic accent.

His name is “Nas” which mean people or human in Arabic. He made one minute video for public.Below is the link for his page. Do visit and watch his videos. When I watched his video I became his fan. This post is dedicated to Nas.

4 Comments on “An ordinary person with extraordinary mission:

  1. Wow…. awesome….I just saw that right now…..he is amazing…. thanks for sharing…. I don’t know how I missed this one.😃


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