Why we watch crime and war news on TV channels?  

Why do we want to watch news about wars, death, destruction and violence from across the world? Why we are interested in knowing all the bad stuff? Will it not make sense if we find news about creativity and compassion? At least we will feel like living a nice peaceful world. In doing so, we will sooner or later become peaceful and happier persons. So, what is the reason for such violent news shown on news channels in general?

There may be two reasons:

  • Human Nature.
  • Lack of good peaceful content

Let us discuss one by one.

Human Nature:

If you ask any businessman, what is the best way to be successful; he will tell you “give what people want”. So, if we want happy and peaceful news why TRP goes high when there is war coverage. Why crime news become sensational news? There must be something wrong in us or most of us at least. If you look at our past, around 8000 to 10,000 years back, we, the human were hunter and gatherer. World was a hostile place to live. Not only carnivorous animals were our enemy, but also we were our own enemy. Due to lack of culture and civilization, human keep fighting each other for supremacy and power. Later we fight for land and religion. Finally we are fighting for resources and ideologies. Our history is written in blood. Now, even though most of us are not fighting, still somewhere in our sub-conscious mind we are habitual of fighting. Action movies are instant block busters. Many famous video games are based on battle field. These are few examples to prove my point. Same is true with News. We are more interested in news related to crime and wars compared to peaceful news about development.

Lack of good peaceful content: I do not think that there is any scarcity of good peaceful alternative except in news. All news channels want to follow proven formula of selling crime, violence and war. There are retards who just buy newspaper to read news about rape and other such crime. For them, reporters have to find some such cases daily and publish them with intricate details. Besides news channels, we do have choice for good peaceful, informative and enriching channels showing good content programs. Take the example of Discovery and National Geographic channel. Both channels produce quality programs. If you need entertainment you can watch sports channel or comedy. Nevertheless, we choose action and graphic programs. We watch formula one car racing not to see winner or loser but to enjoy some car crashes. WWE is the favourite sport of new generation.

It is difficult to figure out who is responsible for the content of news channel. However one thing is clear, if we want to change our self no one can stop us. I hope someday news channels will understand the need and importance of peaceful, progressive news and someone somewhere will start some channel focussing on development and peace around the world.


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