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Disproportionate distribution of money

With the advancement in technology and increasing literate population it is becoming very difficult for illiterate people to survive in such world. Without any technical skill, no one can find the good job. Even in agriculture new machines… Read More

Ten bitter truths

  If you are not powerful, nobody cares whether you are right or wrong? If you will not step forward, someone else will take your place. Life is not fair, don’t expect what you deserve. Do not confuse… Read More

Very Important information for Parents with newly born babies:

  For babies and kids healthy Hemoglobin (HGB) level is 12 to 16 unit. In one-year-old babies, milk alone (Whether mother’s milk or cow milk) is not sufficient to maintain this level and if you will not start… Read More

पाँच newspaper clips (and एक Facebook post) that do not appear in विज्ञापन marking 4 साल of मोदी सरकार — churumuri

To mark four years in office, the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre has released advertisements in newspapers across the nation. The ads are designed to remove any doubts about “Hindi imposition”. The Hindi tagline is in Roman… Read More

Love all, hate none.

When we start meeting more and more peoples of any community we realise that they are more like us or infect, in some cases, better than us.

15 wounded, some said critically, in Indian restaurant bombing in Canada — Peace and Freedom

Bombing at Ontario Indian Restaurant Wounds at Least a Dozen The police released this photo of two people suspected of bombing an Indian restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario, a city near Toronto. Credit Peel Regional Police, via Twitter At… Read More

Cars: Fuel cell Vs Electric

Electric car-makers like Tesla, are constructing mega factories for mass production of Li-ion batteries to reduce the price of cars. On other hand Japanese companies are investing heavily on hydrogen Fuel cell technology. This race is not about… Read More

Can we destroy Currency?

  Lot of people consider that every time money is spent on some seemingly no profitable work, money is wasted. For example: Elections and wedding parties. However, money spent is not necessarily money waste. Actually, every time someone… Read More

GOD means Christian God.

  First of all thanks for those people who piss me off by their flawed arguments and illogical content. It gives me new ideas to write a new post. This Post is about concept of God in various… Read More

Make the effort to meet health targets — Journalist portfolio

Despite the growth of the clean eating moment, the prevalence of obesity and non-communicable diseases is continuing to climb. The World Health Organization’s nutritional recommendations, if followed to the letter, would save millions of lives, and the food… Read More

Some sayings of Epicurus — Phil Ebersole’s Blog

The blessed and important nature knows no trouble nor causes trouble to any other, so that it is never constrained by anger or favor. For all such things exist only in the mind. Death is nothing to us:… Read More