Jin of Jinnah in AMU, Aligarh India.

Some goons of Hindu Vahini (HYV) and other extremist group, entered Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) shouting outrageous slogan with the purpose to remove Photo of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The group’s intentions looked hostile as they carried arms, Desi as well as Branded, and sticks with them. A couple of policemen were seen escorting them with an attitude that seemed rather encouraging. On reaching the Main gate, the HYV Group assaulted a student who happened to just pass by. Some members of the Union confronted the HYV Group from breaking into the campus and asked the Police to lodge an FIR against the captured and those who escaped.

The Police however ignored the polite request and released the captured ones without a FIR which enraged the university students. Student started protesting. But, they kept it peaceful until the police started Lathi charge and tear gas. As many as 41 students were injured with injuries as severe as demanding emergency medical attention. Among injured students were the President AMU Student union (AMUSU), the Secretary AMUSU and other members of the AMUSU.

Before you make an opinion about whether Jinnah Photo should be removed from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) or not, please read below few facts related to the issue.

First and foremost, you must know that this photo of Jinnah is hanged on the wall of the Students’ Union hall which is an autonomous body. Secondly, this photo is as old as 1938, i.e before Independence and before division of India and Pakistan. Back than Mr Jinnah was a freedom fighter and played active role in freedom struggle. Mr. Jinnah received lifetime membership of student union like many other great peoples whose photo is available in Student Union hall. For 80 years no one objected on it. Finally, there are many more places in India where you can find Jinnah Photo. In memory of Jinnah Maharashtra government spent Crores of rupees on maintenance of Jinnah Palace.

It is ironical that we are living in a time when people start overreacting without even enquiring about truth. No one seems to be interested in understanding the issue. However, everyone is willing to pass judgement. Judgement about nationality, judgement about right and wrong, judgement about religious identity, judgement about who is having right to live in India.

It is pathetic that, peoples of the largest democracy in world are unable to solve disputes in democratic and constitutional ways. People want to solve problems by mob lynching, trolling on internet, shutting down the net, Lathi charge, provocation and disturbing harmony among different community. Certainly, this is the big failure of past and present Indian Government.

Whatever happening in AMU, is not the result of Jinnah portrait. Muslims of India do not care about him. I studied in AMU for eight years but never knew about Jinnah picture in AMU student union. Muslims of India do not consider Jinnah a hero or role model. He was a villain, who with some others supported two-nation theory. Indian Muslims suffered the most due to partition. We lost our political relevance. I believe that Jinnah photo should be remove from whole Nation. Along with his photo, Nathuram Godse photo should also be remove from all over the country.

Having said that, one thing must be noted here. The way whole incident unfolded was not a democratic way. Are we going to follow instruction of goons now? Does our constitution is so timid that even students and Ex- Vice president are not safe in this country? Is this the way to treat students? Is this how we will solve all the problems now by taking law in our hand? Is this for what we choose a government every five year?

We are living in Gunda raaj where law and order has no meaning. Protest of AMU is not about Jinnah, it is about Gunda Raaj, it is about our rights and freedom of expression. Protest may end in few days but our struggle against Gunda raaj and communal forces trying to de-stablise our beautiful Nation will continue.

This is not the first time BJP came in power, last time when they came in power no one objected on such issues. However, this is first time they are in full majority and yet fail to achieve any milestone which they promised in 2014 election campaign. Even UP state government is not been able to achieve anything except safety of Cows. Girls and children are more vulnerable than cows! Hence they need fake issues to divert attention.

Indian Muslims does not like Jinnah in any way. He was neither a good Muslim nor he did anything for Indian Muslims after Independence. However, we should not forget that it was Jinnah who fought the case of Bhagat singh. Erasing history is no solution to existing problems. History may remember Mohammad Ali Jinnah in various contexts. But to the AMUSU, he is as good a Life Member as Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. Sarvapally Radha Krishnan is. Hanging his portrait on a wall of AMUSU HALL is merely a gesture of respect to the honour he was conferred once upon a time.

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