Live for Today



“Life is like an Ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!”


When there is night in the west, there is a day in the East. Therefore, earth remain bright all the time. Similarly, in our life every situation has bright side and a dull side. We just need to try to see the bright side.

To live a happy life stop making detailed long-term planning. Live in today, care for today and do today’s work today. Future is very unpredictable, so do not plan much about future. You do not know what tomorrow will bring for you. Do not spent today, dreaming about tomorrow.

As we grow older, even in our 40’s, our perception about world and life change. What we thought as important, no longer remain important for us after just twenty years. You will be different you after every years. If you have to enjoy, enjoy today. If you have to work, work today. If you have to live, live today.

“Life is short, make it sweet. Do not put all the flowers for your grave.”


7 Comments on “Live for Today

  1. So beautiful! Indeed. I’m in pain for just about the entirety of my days but if I want to work and reach my goals, I need to do it now, before the sun sets on my life. 😊🙏🏽

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      • So true indeed! After sometime of contemplating I began this blog a few months ago ✔️ Growing up art came so naturally to me, but after getting married and having kids, that took a step back, but now with an urge to design, I opened my online shop with the Redbubble company ✔️ It’s been a slow process, it won’t be rainbow and roses in the beginning but as you mentioned, I have my passion, I now want to monetize on that. Money isn’t everything but it’s necessary, I’m aware of that. But I also want to focus on what I love. And that is what I love. 😊🙏🏽 Great post – so informative!

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