If you find below details intriguing, please contact me and share your thoughts. I am looking for like minded peoples from all across the India.

SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY (SS) (def. “Society that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”) refers to a community in which everyone is either self-sufficient or taken care by those who are already self-sufficient and can generate enough resources to function without any interruption. In such society everyone is well informed about his/her duties towards nature and society. It focuses on overall development of human society based on sharing and caring. Society will support everyone till they become self-sufficient. SS creates a delicate balance between development and conserving our Environment for long term sustainability of human civilization.

Society will be responsible for providing for children, women without income, disable and old aged retired peoples who are not in condition to do any work. Not just money but kind words, care, safety, shelter, work and means for happy living are provided. Work will be distributed according to the ability and interest. There are no owners in Sustainable society. Everyone is a worker earning according to his/her capacity and contributing back to society. Everything will be done in a planned way keeping future in mind.

A family, not the individual is the smallest unit of society. So SS promote the idea of family-nuclear or extended depending on personal choice. A management comprising of educated intellectuals will run the society.

A) Benefits:

  1. a) Free life insurance cover up to 1 lakh by society for top 10 achievers after completion of one-year permanent paid membership (Min. Rs. 500/ month).
  2. b) Team of members and volunteers for helping in case of emergency
  3. c) Care, support and help for your family in case you are away or gone forever.
  4. d) Free access to learning programs, book and science fair.
  5. e) Rewards and recognition for good social works.
  6. f) Legal help for any new startups.
  7. g) Free education for poor’s and needy. Scholarships for bright students
  8. h) Fun events, party and sports
  9. i) Free carrier and education counselling. Access to library and newspaper (only at head office).
  10. j) Safety and security if required.
  11. k) Self Improvement through various educational programs
  12. l) Guidance
  13. m) Self-gratification and satisfaction by helping others
  14. n) Food security for poor’s
  15. B) Requirements:
  16. a) Monthly Charity as per your will and condition min. Rs. 250 per month.
  17. b) Adhere to the instructions from higher management.
  18. c) Provide Expert advice to society if eligible and willing.
  19. d) Public speaking if eligible and willing
  20. e) Support and dedication. Share useful information in group.
  21. f) Involvement and taking social responsibility.
  22. g) Attend weekly or monthly meetings/ seminars etc.
  23. h) Disciplined, morally, socially acceptable behavior in all public events.
  24. i) Participating in any social work done by organization for welfare of society.

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