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Green Buildings

Green Buildings are energy efficient buildings that provide year-round comfort without the constant need for heating and cooling systems. These homes save you money and they’re great for the environment, so it can only be a good thing if they become more popular.

The new directive will improve energy efficiency in buildings and encourage building renovation. Decarbonizing the existing highly inefficient European building stock is one of its long term goals. It promotes cost-effective renovation works, introduces a smartness indicator for buildings, simplifies the inspections of heating and air condition systems and also promotes electro-mobility by creating parking spaces for electric vehicles.

Modern comfort comes at a price, and keeping all those air conditioners, refrigerators, chargers, and water heaters going makes household energy very expensive. Here’s what uses the most energy in your home:

Cooling and heating: 47% of energy use

Water heater: 14% of energy use

Washer and dryer: 13% of energy use

Lighting: 12% of energy use

Refrigerator: 4% of energy use

Electric oven: 3-4% of energy use

TV, DVD, cable box: 3% of energy use

Dishwasher: 2% of energy use

Computer: 1% of energy use

One of the easiest ways to reduce wasted energy and money? Shut off vampire electronics, devices that suck power even when they are turned off.  A penny saved is a penny earned, and being more efficient with your energy use is good for your pocketbook and the environment.

Buildings account for 40% of the total energy consumption in Europe. By improving the existing rules, taking advantage of recent technological developments and encouraging further energy efficiency, the EU makes a major step towards fulfilling its 2020 and 2030 energy efficiency targets.

Wake Up India

Note: Purpose of writing this blog is not to share my life experience but to make everyone realize how we are becoming habitual of everything around us and fail to realise what miserable life we are living!

It has been two years since I was working abroad. It was time for my vacation and I was super excited. Finally, after two years I am going back to my country. I booked my ticket, purchased some gifts for my family and friends, packed my bags and left for India. Morning 4 am I landed in India. I took a deep breath and my eyes were filled with tears. As I came out of the Delhi airport (IGI) my family was eagerly waiting for me. It was like a morning of Eid.

While coming out of Delhi there was so much noise of horns and traffic jams. I finally make a remark about it and everyone in the Innova started laughing. By brother exclaimed, “Oh yes, now we have an NRI! Sir this is India you were born here and in two-year, you start feeling problem with noise?” I sit quietly afterwards. We stopped at one Dhaba for breakfast. I eat delicious paratha with aachar and  chai. There was lot of dust due to running automobiles on main road. I ignored everything and focused on my breakfast. Finally we reached home city around 10 am. To reach home we have to cross bazzar. It was too crowded and roads were too narrow for one car. Our driver was expert and habitual in this conditions so he managed and we reached home where my mother was eagerly waiting for me. She hugged me and offer tap water. It was winter so no need to cool water. We talk for about an hour, have lunch and then I went to sleep. When I wake up my stomach was making sounds and I rush to toilet. I vomit and later diagnosed with food poisoning.

We have amazing habit of adaptability. In developing and under developing country we do not care about germs. We eat fruits without washing them; we eat without washing our hand with soap. We do not care about pollution level nor we bother to test water we are drinking. Still most of us became habitual of digesting everything we eat and drink. Even spicy food has no effect on us.

In just two years, all those habits changed and now I was no more immune to germs. I cannot drink tap water or unfiltered underground water, which my whole family can drink without any problem. I can not eat street food too. When I go to market I feel chaos and crowdedness. There are areas where I am afraid to drive two-wheeler because of traffic. Bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, cars, tractor, bullock cart and pedestrian everyone moving on the same road. Shops are extended on roads and covering half of the road.

Some one told  me a story. If you put a frog in warm water, it will jump out quickly. But if you put a frog in normal water and start heating water slowly. Frog will not be able to notice the rise in temperature until water start boiling. Are we going through the same phase? Slowly and gradually, our condition is becoming worst. Population is increasing abruptly. Cities are becoming more and more crowded. Noise, pollution, poverty and cost of living all are increasing. Now a day, we do not find space to make our home. We are forced to live in Flats. When you go out of your country and specially visit any developed country or a rich country then only you realize we are living in inhuman conditions. However, we never realize it. We are happy with small improvements in life and ignoring the bigger picture. Roads are better now, every day we see new model of cars. What about our banking system? What about our education system? What about our soldiers who are complaining about food? What about increasing unemployment in educated youth. For uneducated people’s government has pakoda policy for employment. What is the government plan for Engineers and other professionals? Corruption is increasing day by day. Accountability is decreasing. No one is willing to take blame of fail government policy. De-monetization failed badly but no one took its responsibility. We are moving backward except some lucky corrupt big business man and politicians who are making money. 1% Rich Indians are having 73% of total Indian money. If masses of India will not understand there duty towards nation, nothing will change. Wake up and vote for candidates who are not corrupt. Do not vote for party. Vote for a candidate who is not involve in any corruption and criminal case, who is available to listen your problem. Let us send a message to corrupt parties that they will not get our vote by hook or crook. Our vote is our power. In democracy, you do not need revolution to change government. Just use your vote sensibly and everything will be fixed.


Science is Wrong!


People have much misconception about Science. Instead of learning and getting some basic scientific education they keep criticising Science and its theories. Just want to ask one question. Which of the below two statements are right reactions if you do not understand something:

  1. Start criticising it.
  2. Learn about it. Ask someone who is expert in that field and if still don’t understand it then just say it that I don’t understand it.

Most of the people who don’t have even the vague idea about Science, keep finding fault like an expert. They don’t know that in Science easiest way to fame is to disprove some previous theories. Go get your Nobel price if you really think that you can actually and logically disprove some well-established theories of science.

Peoples who never had read a single book on biology can be found criticizing Evolution. If you do not understand how apes were transformed in human you are highly recommended to read books on evolution. Talk to some evolution expert. If still you are not satisfied go out and find answers with new evidence proving your belief. If you do not understand anything it does not necessary means it is wrong. We do not understand many things but still they work, for example you may not know how a helicopter fly! That does not mean that helicopter will cease to fly.

Initially when you start learning about anything you do not understand everything. As you continue to study about something and that something really make sense then surely you will understand it one day. As you study more you will learn more. Hence, do not criticize anything until you know enough about it.

Science has a self-correcting mechanism and there are no authorities or dynasty in Science. You are not supposed to keep faith in science because science is not a religion. You are encouraged to ask question and observe things around you.

Indian society needs overhauling. Not just for man but for women too. Women are their own enemy.

Is Women Safe in India?

World is not Enough!

“If the son of Adam were given a valley full of gold, he would love to have a second one; and if he were given the second one, he would love to have a third, for nothing fills the belly of Adam’s son except dust.” Saheeh Bukhari : Volume 8, Book 76, Number 446

It was a typical day in the office and while returning home I was thinking about the people begging on the street. To live a nice life with family having good home in nice locality, mid-size car and a servant for house work, you will need Rs. 10 crore ( in India) for whole life. However, people are making fraud of 1000’s of Crore and running away from India. That money too is not enough for them. For some people, World is not enough! They want more and more but finally dirt fill their belly. There are as many as 14,800 multi-millionaires (having more than 60 Crore Rs.) in India, a report says. You will not find any of them sitting home. Most of them will be still working for unknown reasons. They all have typical mind set.

After a certain time, people start working for name, fame and position. Even though, they had enough for themselves but still they find new reasons for moving on with their work. They forget why actually they started earning money. Some people start working for their family, some for living a lavish life, their are some other who wanted to make others life better with their hard earned money. However, as time goes by, they forget their basic reason for earning money. They became more dedicated towards their work than to the cause for which they started earning. 

A written goal statement is a must to avoid such situations. Do not become machine or slave of your desires. By fulfilling your desires, you can never control your desires. By controlling them, you can fulfil your desires. There is no end of desires.  Make your desires your slave. There must be a point when we should start thinking about others too. Will it not be better if we start sharing our wealth after reaching a certain financial security.

There are many people who think earning too much money is bad! However, this is not true. Money is not bad, like everything else-its use can be good or bad. Earn as much money as you can using honest means. Spent it on poor and needy people for food, shelter, education and employment generation. If money is bad, do not keep it with you after earning. Give it to charity. They will happily take care of it. Certainly, money is not bad. Money is a one of the best thing you can have! It gives you power to help and makes life of others better. World richest man does not find it bad either. He is donating money for different cause. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is doing amazing work towards saving child life and improving it in African and other so-called third world Countries.

Why Indian must be proud of being INDIAN?

We seldom says that India is a Great country and we are proud of it! But most often it is just an outburst of emotions because practically most of us don’t even know what is so great about it. If I ask you what is so great about India, you will falter after telling me two or three points. On other hand there are some people so negative and narrow-minded that they fail to realise any Greatness in India. They feel that India has achieved nothing in last 70 years of our independence. Below is a list of ten achievements India has made since Independence. This list is not exhaustive and there are much more to add. This list will give you real reason why we should be proud to be an Indian. Watch Namaste London to know more about Great Indian contribution to the world.

  • India is the largest democracy in the world.
  • India has one of the most advance weather forecast systems in the World.
  • India has 4th fastest super computer in the world.
  • India is the first Asian county to successfully place a spacecraft in orbit around Mars, and the first country anywhere to do so on its first attempt. Be proud of our technology!
  • We are largest producers of fresh fruits, milk, pulses and oil seeds, sunflower seeds etc. We are second largest producer of Sugarcane in world.
  • India has one of the most sophisticated missile programs in the world. India rank in top four military powers in the world. Feel safe.
  • India has some of the best institution for education in world.
  • India is among few nations who eradicated Polio 100%.
  • India has one of the best Space Agency-ISRO. It made a new world record by launching 104 satellites from a single rocket.
  • India is a Nuclear Power! Better don’t mess with us.

Syria War: Death of Humanity

From last seven years, civil war is going on in Syria. Initially it all started as a peaceful protest against President Bashar al-Assad resignation. Mr. Assad was not able to control this uprising in peaceful manner. He used force to stop protest. Later it turns into a civil war.  

Syria is a Sunni majority country ruled by Alawite (one of the branch of Twelver imam of Shia Muslim) Al Assad Family. Alawite comprise of around 11% of total Syrian population. Due to the involvement of many other nations situation is escalated to civil war. Different countries are supporting different groups and consequently Syria became a battleground. More than 300,000 peoples were already killed in this civil war.


U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, France, and Libya are supporting Rebel groups. Whereas Russia, Iran, Iraq and North Korea are supporting President Bashar al-Assad. Civilians are dying in this tug of war where as, no one want to reach to a peaceful solution. No one is interested in right and wrong. All countries are politically motivated in supporting one group or the other. War Continues. Humanity is dying daily.

PART-001: Basic Concept of Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

I am starting a series of blogs for explaining important HAVC (Heating ventilation and air-conditioning) concepts into simple language. Theoretical knowledge we all can gain from books. But for practical knowledge we have to work hard in our field. I have 12 years and counting experience in HVAC industry. Thus, I will focus more on practical aspect of HVAC. If you find it interesting please like, comment and share the blog to keep me motivated. We all need motivation. Without constant motivation we lose interest and stop doing whatever we started. All type of questions based on the current topic are welcome.

Today, I want to discuss about aspect ratio in ducting. What is it and how is it so important?


Aspect ratio is very simple term. It is the ratio of two sides of duct, i.e. height: width. We consider 1:4 as maximum acceptable aspect ratio as per standards for rectangular duct. It is always better to have lower aspect ratio up to 1:1, if space permits. That means square duct. As aspect ratio increases, friction to air flow increases and thus cost of fan too increases. Similarly, cost of material also increases with increase in aspect ratio. Because thickness (gauge) of GI sheet (or any other duct material) used for duct-work depends on the size of duct. If you increase one side of duct, thickness of sheet will increase after specified size. As we move from square to rectangle, surface area increases. Increase in surface area increases duct heat loss. Furthermore, insulation material is increases because of increase in surface area.

Though, aspect ratio looks like very trivial term, but cost wise it plays very important role. Therefore, always keep aspect ratio in range of 1:1 to 1:2 and maximum up to 1:4 which is acceptable in case when there is no enough space to install the duct. In all such conditions you are supposed to re-calculate the ESP of fan before making decision to change the size. It is interesting to know that how ESP of duct and Aspect ratio are connected. For simplicity, equations of friction loss are derived for round duct. Thus, first we must calculate equivalent diameter for all rectangular ducts. Formulas are available in carrier hand book-chapter 2. Now, as aspect ratio increases, equivalent diameter decreases for two duct with same cross section area at constant air flow. Friction loss of duct is inversely proportional to the equivalent diameter for constant flow. Hence, friction loss increases with increase in aspect ratio for same air flow. 

There is one big misconception about re-sizing of duct when we have to avoid any obstruction like structural beam. Most of people increase width and reduce height, keeping cross section of rectangular duct same. This is a wrong practice. Keeping cross section area same does not mean that velocity and pressure loss will remain same. The correct practice must be to first convert rectangular duct by calculating equivalent diameter.

Equivalent Diameter Deq= 1.3 ((a.b)^.625 / (( a+b)^.25) )

Where, a and b are sides of duct.

Now, check from chart, for same equivalent diameter what rectangular duct sizes are available from ASHRAE or Carrier. Use any of those rectangular size which keep equivalent diameter same. It will keep velocity and pressure drop same even after reducing the height and increasing the width.   

Basic Information about Air-Conditioners (AC):

  • Type of AC : Window and Split?

Choice of AC depends on your comfort and room location. Window AC’s are cheaper than Split ac. Split AC consists of separate indoor and outdoor units thereby called split ac. Since it has separate outdoor unit consisting of Compressor and condenser, indoor unit is very quiet. Split ac are more decorative and comes with many filters.  If you want quite ac with aesthetic looks go with split ac. But if you have a window in your room or a wall which open to outside, you can go with window ac. Since window ac is a single unit incorporating all components including compressor, it makes more noise. Normally window ac are available upto 2.5 Ton because above that, their noise became unbearable. Consequently, for higher capacity you have to go with split ac. 5 ton and above split ac comes in floor mounted model.

If you are a middle class person or if you do not want to spend more on AC, window ac is good choice.

  • Inverter AC or Non Inverter AC: In Non inverter ac, compressor motor has two option-either on or off. Whereas in Inverter ac, motor can run at variable speed and thus saves electricity. Therefore, Inverter ac are good for power saving.
  • Refrigerant: Now, many companies stated shifting to CFC free, Ozone friendly refrigerant.  R410 was manufactured to replace R22. Now many companies are using R410 for their products. Previously R-22 was used in all the AC, but since it cause ozone depletion, it is being phased out by 2030. However, R-22 is more efficient refrigerant, but for environmental consideration, please go with Ozone friendly refrigerant. Companies like Godrej are befooling consumers by writing R-22 as eco-friendly. Most of refrigerant are ecofriendly, but we are concerned about Ozone here not ecology. Be careful. Say No to R-22 (Trade name Freon).
  • Compressor: Compressor is the heart of ac. Please read my last blog too for more information about different companies making AC’s by clicking here. Here I will let you know about different type of compressor. For small capacity i.e below 5 Ton, there are two type of compressor normally used: 1) Rotory. 2) Reciprocating.

Rotary compressor used less moving parts and thus need less maintenance. Reciprocating compressors are more rugged. For home AC, go with rotary compressor as they are more energy-efficient.

  • Some important terms: a) Ton or tonnage: In air-conditioning field, Ton is a unit of cooling not of weight. 1 Ton is defined as amount of cooling produce by melting of one ton of ice. The other unit for cooling capacity which is normally mentioned on AC unit is BTU/Hr. . One ton is equal to 12000 BTU/hr..
  • b) EER: Energy efficiency ratio: it is defined as the ratio of the cooling capacity (in Btu per hour) to the power input (in watts). Higher EER rating means the more efficient the air conditioner.



Check the Compressor Make before Buying an Expensive AC

Summer is approaching in India.The most important part in any AC is its compressor. Therefore, I was interested in knowing which brands are making their own compressors and which are using Chinese and western brand. Surprisingly most of the so-called Indian brands use Chinese components. Videocon, Onida & now Voltas and many more are manufacturing most of component in china including compressor. Below is the list of few famous brands in no specific order and there price (taken from each company website in Feb.2018):

1.5 Ton Window ac comparison
S.No. Brand Name Price *     (in Rs) Energy efficiency (ERR) Refrigerant Remark
1  Voltas by TATA (LZH series) 32,890 5 Star (3.32) R-22  
2   Onida (WA185FLT) 34,990 5 Star (3.42) R410A BTU/hr.=17401
3  Blue Star            (G-series) 30,000 5 Star R-22  
4  Videocon 37,500 5 Star (3.32) R-22  
5  Godrej 27,990 5 Star (3.4) R-22 7 Year compressor warranty
6 Samsung N/A N/A N/A Only split ac data found
7  LG 35,140 5 Star (3.36) R-22  
8  Hitachi (RAV518HUD) 37,090 5 Star (3.50) R-22 Quite operation, Compressor manufacturer
9  Carrier 34,000 5-Star R-22  
10  O-General 40,530 3-Star R410A Work up to 55 deg.C
* Price are taken from different websites and shown only for comparison.


First five are Indian multinational brands, and last five are International brand available in India. Because of price war with multinational companies, Indian brands also started manufacturing in China. The secrecy these companies maintain about component of their products is surprising. I checked many manufacturer websites and there brochures but did not find any information about compressor make and other major component manufacturing list. I expected little more transparency from companies.


Companies must have courage to tell the truth about their product to the costumers. Else, it is the duty of Government to save costumers from such fraud. Companies must be clearer about the manufacturing. They can use tag such as “Indian technology, assembled in China” or “Made in India with Chinese component”!

A costumer has a right to know what he or she is buying. When a company mention on a product: Made in India. It gives an impression that majority of components and whole assembly is done in India. If a customer has full information then he can make a better choice. For example: Very few companies are making compressors for their own AC’s, rest of all companies are buying compressors from other companies. When we want to buy an ac, we choose best brand thinking it will have best components and thus we are ready to pay more for it. But if I tell you that your selected brand and another cheaper brand both are using same compressor and cheaper brand is giving you better energy efficiency? Will you still buy the same brand?

Component make and manufacturing is one of the best-kept secret in ac market. Even sales man will not be aware about it. They will tell you about filters, remote control, dust control, exterior body, coil materials, evaporator fans etc. However, nothing about compressor except 5 year warranty. All compressors comes with 5-7 years warranty. Nevertheless, 7 years is not such a long time when it comes to home appliances. We want to use it for next 20 years. If one compressor will work for 5 years, you have to replace it 4 times in 20 years’ service!

One more surprising thing is refrigerant. Most of the companies still using R-22 as refrigerant. R-22 (Trade name Freon) contain CFC- a chemical causing Ozone depletion. Eventually, all the HCFCs have to be phased out by the year 2030 including R-22. Hence, if you are planning to buy an AC and expecting to use it for more than 10 years, make sure you do not buy AC with R-22 refrigerant. After 2030, price of R-22 will increase abnormally. It is better to make wise decision now.

To protect environment, let us shift to green technology and CFC free gases. R-410a and R407 are CFC free and does not cause ozone depletion. Buy inverter AC to safe electricity.

Internet: How it changed the World in last 25 years


Some Key Milestone:

September 2, 1969: First time two computers communicated with each other.

Oct 29, 1969: Message sent from computer to computer in different locations.

1971: The first email was sent.

Jan 1, 1983: ARPANET adopted the standard TCP/IP protocol.

March 1989: Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

April 22, 1993: Mosaic became the first web browser.

Till 1995, few entrepreneurs recognized the power of world wide web. But majority of world was still unaware of this giant monster called Internet.Those who recognized its power and future potential becomes some of the world richest business person in next 25 years. and are few enormously successful websites increasing their business ever since. As time passed by many new entrepreneurs started new companies to facilitate internet users like search engines. Larry Page & Sergey Brin founded Google in 1998. Today it is the largest internet company by revenue.

It is not just the internet but the vision, commitment and persistent hard work that make these companies what they are today. Nevertheless, Internet provided them powerful tool and platform to connect with the world. Jack Ma founder of Ali baba group, during various interviews keep telling people that when he started his business, no one knew about internet and speed of net was too slow. Most of the things were against him but still he continued with his vision. Today he is one of the richest man in China.

As Internet become famous, more and more companies join the bandwagon. After 25 years, presently internet connects more than a billion peoples around the globe. Almost half of the world population uses Internet. Internet becomes a symbol of development. More internet user means more developed region. Websites are increasing at exponential rate. Even though doing business on internet is becoming difficult because of international competition websites are increasing because of ease of starting and user-friendly website setup that too at low maintenance cost. WordPress and Wix are two examples of websites, which allows you easy setup of your website even without knowing web design and development.   

For small companies too, Internet has huge potential. With right kind of product and skill, they can cater needs of international market. One can display their products to whole world! You can also advertise on social networking sites in free or by paying money for advertisement based on CPC (Cost per click) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). If you are passionate about making Videos and sharing your experience and ideas, you can start your own channel on YouTube. If you find many viewers for your videos (more than 1000 views), you can monetize your channel and earn some money. Do not start any You Tube channel or any website with the sole intent of making money without being passionate about your work.

Internet is a great tool for education and learning too. All kind of educational stuff, books, online classes, videos and latest news are radially available on internet. As time will pass, importance of internet will increase further.  

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