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Rafale Deal : The saga of Mr. Modi love with Reliance


Executive Summery: Purchase price per Rafale Fighter Aircraft:

India (Under BJP) Rafale = .216 Billion Euro for fully built Rafales off the shelf  (Total 36)

Qatar =0.3 Billion Euro Rafale with MBDA Missile and training to 36 pilot and 100 technician (Total 24)

Egypt = 0.2166 Billion Euro Rafale  (total 24)

India (Under UPA) = 0.128 Billion Euro With technology transfer. (Total 126 out of which 18 off the shelf and 108 being assembled in India by HAL in India.

Detail about Rafale Deal :

One fine day in September 2016, India signed an inter-governmental agreement with France, known as “Rafale deal”, in which India bought 36 off-the-shelf Dassault Rafale twin-engine fighters for a price estimated to be Rs. 58,000 crore or 7.8 billion Euros (9.6 US Dollars).

The Rafale was chosen in 2012 over rival offers from the United States, Europe and Russia. The step was needed to upgrade India’s ageing fleet. The original plan was that India would buy 18 off-the-shelf jets from France’s Dassault Aviation, with 108 others being assembled in India by the state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited or HAL in Bengaluru.

The Modi-led BJP government, however, rowed back from the commitment of the last UPA government to buy 126 Rafales, saying the twin-engined planes would be too expensive and the deal fell through after nearly decade-long negotiations between India and France. There were a lot of hiccups over costs of the aircraft. However, faced with the dipping number of fighters and a pressing need to upgrade the Indian Air Force, Prime Minister Narendra Modi intervened and decided to buy 36 “ready-to-fly” fighters instead of trying to acquire technology from Dassault and make it in India.

The champion of make in India himself overruled the possibility of making aircraft in India which would have created lots of employment and technical development. A big loss to HAL-an Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company based in Bangalore, Karnataka

The Indian Air Force requires 42-44 Squadrons of fighters to deal with Western and Northern borders. It has only about 34 Squadrons of fighters. And, it will have to retire about 14 squadrons of Mi-G-21 and MiG-27 fighters by 2022. There are 16-18 planes in one squadron.

We need more than 160 fighter plane by 2022 and our government is purchasing just 36!
Earlier, speaking to Press Trust of India, Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said that India is unlikely to increase the number of Rafale fighters. The defence minister said that French-made jets were “way too expensive.”

See the difference here: 126 Rafales in 20 Billion USD. Now India is buying 36 Rafale in approx. 9.6 Billion USD. So the UPA was buying one Rafale fighter plane at 158.7 million USD, whereas BJP is buying at 266.6 million USD. Around Hundred million more expensive each aircraft. Which means BJP Government is paying 3.6 Billion USD more for the same Rafale twin-engine fighters plane for 36 plane. If I convert it into rupees it will be 231 Billion rupees Scam.

Government has no explanation for this huge price increase in purchase of same Fighter plane within a short span of time. Here is another angle. Qatar Purchased Same Fighter planes from France.

France and Qatar signed a 6.3 billion euro ($7.02 billion) deal for the sale of 24 Rafale fighter jets. Read full story below:

So, the per plane cost which Qatar is paying is 292.5 million USD. But Qatar make a package deal which includes MBDA missiles, and the training of 36 Qatari pilots and 100 technicians by the French military.

So in (7.02 – (266.6 X 24) ) = 7.02- 6.4 = 620 million. In 620 million USD they purchased not only MBDA missiles but also training for 36 pilot and 100 technicians.

If we know the price of MBDA missiles we can figure out whether India or Qatar close the better deal.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian sign a €5.2 billion (6.24 Billion USD) contract for the sale of 24 Rafale fighter jets to Egypt, a move that will finalize the first foreign order of the French-built warplanes. Purchase price of Egypt is same as that of Indian purchase price of Rafale. But earlier under UPA govt. India reached to much better deal. But as always our PM has a habit of quick decision making (in favor of Big Business man) without discussing with experts and opposition.

The saga of Mr. Modi (Prime Minister of India) love with Big businesses like Reliance

Now, as you might understand the story, here is the love story of Reliance and PM which is going on from long time even before he became PM of India.

When Reliance launched JIO network, our PM became brand ambassador of Reliance and advertise for it. There are many more such incidents when Mr. Modi openly favors Reliance. But this one is not only a dent on economy but also on our border security. Let me explain how Mr. Modi helped Mr. Ambani s/o Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani indirectly in a big way.

Go to Reliance website:

You will find below news:


Dassault – Reliance Aerospace Manufacturing Facility In Mihan, Nagpur Inaugurated.

Below is the excript of press release during inauguration in Oct.27, 2017:

The Dassault-Reliance manufacturing facility Dhirubhai Ambani Aerospace Park is located in the Mihan SEZ adjoining Nagpur International Airport. Under Joint Venture company, DRAL (51% Reliance Aerostructure and 49% Dassault Aviation) the facility will manufacture several components of the offset obligation connected to the purchase of 36 Rafale Fighters from France, signed between the two Governments in September 2016. DRAL will manufacture components for the Legacy Falcon 2000 Series of Civil Jets manufactured by Dassault Aviation and thus will become part of its Global Supply Chain. These first steps are expected to achieve in the coming years, the possible setting up of final assembly of Rafale and Falcon Aircraft.

If NDA government had materialized the previously negotiated deal of 126 rafale fighters, the assembly of 108 Rafale Fighter and technology will go to Hindustan aeronautics (HAL)-a State owned company. Country would saved few billion rupees but Reliance will not be benefited with this deal. IAF still need more than 160 aircraft.  Reliance is setting assembly line for Rafale Fighter plane with partnership of Dassault and hence will be the strongest contender to supply aircraft to IAF under make in India initiative of PM Modi.

Now you know how politicians cheat ordinary citizens and pretend as the biggest patriot. Strategy of Mr. Modi is clear. Help big businessman when you are in Government, and take there help during elections. Buy media, buy opposition, buy exit poll, buy EVM, buy criminals, buy Judges and buy voters. Buy everything which money can buy and win election.

There can be much bigger game going on underground which need expert investigation. But undoubtedly Rafale deal is a very big scandal. If opposition will take it seriously and strongly, Mr. Rahul Gandhi can prove his caliber to be next PM.

Help poor’s to earn livelihood

We help beggars, sometimes because of their condition and sometimes because they irritate us by begging for long time. But when a poor person tries to earn money by hard work-we never help him. Instead we try to gain from his situation. For example: suppose there is a poor man trying to sell vegetables door to door. We will bargain from him and then we will ask Dhanya* in free.

We need to change our attitude. Let us help new starts up where people’s are putting sweat and blood to make it successful. Let us stop bargaining from poor wayfarer, cobblers, rickshaw-puller, maids and others doing similar works. Be generous towards them and soon you will find beggars around you are reducing. If by begging a beggar is earning suppose Rs 100 a day, and by working hard a labor is earning Rs.90 then ultimately people will be more inclined towards begging which requires less hard work.  The valve of 10 rupees for a poor person is 10 times greater than for rich person.

Sit and think for few minutes: who deserve your money more? A beggar who is begging without any obvious reasons or a person working hard and yet is not getting enough money to eat two times. But still he is not begging because he has self-esteemed .

Many Muslims gives Zakat (Charity), I think that instead of distributing your zakat in many persons, give it to one person. So that he /she can utilize it for some meaningful purpose. Moreover you can also give him some good practical advice based on your experience and help him in starting new small business. Based on profit-sharing you can invest some of your money in his business and boost his business.  Your primary goal will remain helping him but at the same time you can earn some money.

Many people have ideas and skill to earn money but have no money to start their work.  They are not so much educated that they can get loan from bank. Some people use their condition and give them money on very high interest. Due to lack of experience they hardly succeed in first attempt and spent whole life in returning interest. If you have money and you find someone doing small business like repairing tire puncher, selling door to door some small items etc. Go to him talk about him. Tell him about your investment plan. Make personal friendly relation with him. Ask if he has any idea how to grow business or give him your idea. Assure him that you really want to help him because of his condition. Motivate him to send his child to school. Help him in filling forms and other formalities. Don’t inverts huge amount of money. Just that much which you can let goes if everything fails. Business is a risky thing. Trust no one with your money. Do not hand over whole money in one time. Make a plan with him and issue money in installments. Make a verbal agreement about profit-sharing. Don’t be too greedy though. Be focus on your purpose of helping. Give him full freedom to do his work.

Since you helped him, which is very rare thing now a day, he will not cheat you most probably. Also, he knew that you may help him second time so it is not good idea to cheat you. Even if he will not return you anything, his success will be your reward.

By investing just Rs 50,000 a year, you can change many lives and might generate a secondary income. But the most important thing which you will earn will be happiness and satisfaction.  

*Green Coriander leaf

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Should there be minimum educational qualification criteria to become Ministers in Indian Government? 


It is ironical that on one hand we never get tired telling importance of education, yet for biggest posts of country, there is no min. education qualification. The one who run the entire country, the one whose vision can take us forward or backward-need no education to become Government Ministers.

If a citizen wants to serve country, he can serve in many ways. It is not necessary to be CM or PM to serve nation. You can serve as a social activist (that too without any education), you can serve in army or just by becoming a law-abiding citizen. But important posts must be reserved for experts or at least for those who have a damn degree!

Many will argue that nation is not run by politicians but by Bureaucrat s and they are the one who are highly Qualified. Yes, I was in the same impression but no more. Since I saw Mr. Modi and Yogi Government I have my doubts. I can’t keep my eyes shut and believe Bureaucrat s are running our nation. No they are not! Not anymore!

No Bureaucrat will propose demonization the way it happened. No Bureaucrat will haste to implement GST without prior preparedness. If they did it, we must stop trusting ability of Bureaucracy and their selection procedure. But I am certain, they are not the one behind it. Because Politicians keep coming and going but Bureaucrats remain to serve new govt.

Education opens your mind. It makes you aware of your ignorance. You can be very hard-working; you can have high IQ but without education you can never have a clear world view.

The time has come when the Constitution should clearly tell a politician that he/she should possess some minimum education before entering into the Parliament/Assembly. Degrees must be authenticated from the college or University from where he/she peruse it. How a country with more than 60% literacy can accept illiterate or less educated person to take important position? Ministers not only represent India nationally but Internationally. If you are not educated you will always feel insecure about your education. One, who is becoming PM, must be able to understand that no. of voters cannot exceed total no. of citizen. One should have a common sense that no. of villages in one state cannot be greater than whole nation.

Let’s raise our voice about this issue.

Space exploration and Human steps on Mars

With the present speed of rockets (though it is still a marvel of human capability) future of deep space exploration is gloomy. But NASA and other space agencies are working on different propulsion fuel including nuclear to increase the speed of rockers. Hopefully, sooner than later we will have rockers fast enough which can make the journey to mars as short as three months.

In last 50 years of space exploration, we have not achieved anything amazing. Last big thing was when man landed on the moon. All space agencies are busy in sending satellites and rovers in outer space. We, the human have made outstanding growth in technologies. Whether it is Robotics, aviation, AI, automation, generating clean energy and much more. We are certainly capable of becoming multi planetary species. Private companies bring new ray of hope in this regard.

I am a huge fan of Elon Musk, a man behind companies like Space X and Tesla. He actually makes us feel that we already usher in 21st century. Anything is possible; we just need to dream big. The recent launch of falcon heavy with two boosters landing back simultaneously is just outstanding. Such success can’t be confined to a city or nation. It is a global achievement. Though I have not contributed anything in this success but I feel equally proud about success of technology built by human. It takes human nearer to the mission Mars.

There are so many enthusiastic people who are willing to go to Mars even when they know that Mars is not hospitable for life. But space agencies are busy in testing their robots and collecting more data. There was a time when people had only small boats, no navigation system, and no communication system back to the land but still people used to take risk and sailed to unknown lands without having slightest information about what kind of animal’s lives in ocean and what they might find on another land mass. Many died in such expedition, but some survived and came back successfully. They didn’t wait for right technology or full information. Their curiosity drove them far and wide. We must learn from them and be ready to take calculated risk.

Today we have technology. We have resources but still we do not have will to take action. One reason might be that as we are getting more information about Mars, we find it more and more inhospitable for human being. We need more reason for sending human to mars than we previously though. It will not be a honeymoon journey. With present speed of Rockets, it took 6 to 8 month to reach Mars. On mars, you will not find anything to eat or drink, no oxygen to inhale and surrounding harmful radiation. If that is not enough, Mars gravity is much less than earth. Which is not a good news for human well-being if they stay for long time!

There are many more mind-blowing life threatening facts about red planet. Temperature: minus 60 degrees Celsius which can still go down to minus 100 degrees Celsius. A summer day on Mars may get up to 20 degrees C near the equator, but at night the temperature can again drop to about minus 73 C. Mars also has big dust storm.

So, even if we will make homes on mars, still life will be difficult and whole day we have to remain inside a small room and in night we have to wear space suit to go out because mars atmospheric pressure is 0.6% compared to earth atmospheric pressure. Choice of food will be limited and water and air will be re-cycling again and again.

Disadvantages are far more than advantages to live on Mars. If we had a planet or moon with at least water on it or at least atmosphere with oxygen, then it would be worthwhile to haste. With all life threatening conditions and nine month long journey time, the only viable thing to make on mars is space station for maintenance of rockets and rovers, research facilities, cheap energy producing plants and re-filling of rockets. All this can be achieved by sending robots rather than humans. Only few human will suffice to control operations. Populating Mars is a distant dream which can only be realize by Terra forming Mars.

ROBOTS (Humanoid): What You Must Know About Future



Moshe Vardi, a professor of computer science at Rice University in Texas said, “Society needs to confront this question before it is upon us: If machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do?

Sam Harris, the co-founder and CEO of Project Reason, said on his podcast Waking Up. “Ultimately, if we manage to build truly labor-saving devices, devices that don’t simply open up a space for new forms of human labor, but devices that actually cancel the need for human labor (and I think we’re doing that), then you really have the ultimate recipe for an intolerable degree for wealth inequality.


Being a Mechanical Engineer, above questions bothers me sometimes. Automation and Robotics, at present, is not killing jobs but rather replacing low skilled jobs to high skilled jobs. Suppose you automate a factory. Entire labor is replacing by machine. But to run machines you need operators and you also need Engineers and technicians for maintenance. On other hand, automation is supporting another industry where these machines are being made. We need more workforce to convert ore into metal. So machines are creating more jobs for skilled workers. Uneducated, unskilled are becoming jobless and more jobs for skilled workers. This is the present situation. Future will be different.

By Year 2070, We will have self-maintained human like Robots working on renewable energy. Equipped with AI. Such self-sufficient robots will work better than human and will not demand money or increment in salary. Boon for rich industrialist but danger for human labor. Rich will become richer and poor will be poorer. Some human will get paid for creative works. For example: Even today we buy handicrafts when we already have high quality stuff made by machines available in market. Animation will replace human actors from movies. Robots will be very expensive and most of the rich people’s will be able to buy one or two of them. Every year new models will arrive in market and robot manufacturer will be the richest people along with those companies producing software and hardware parts of robots. There is a misconception that the first human to be replaced by robots were labor! But it might not be true because no one will buy an expensive robot to replace unskilled labor. Actually these smart robots will replace high salaried and high skilled managers, engineers, doctors and those who are working in dangerous situations like soldiers and workers who works in chemical and radioactive areas.  Only those peoples will survive who can buy robots or have some creative and intellectual abilities. For every other work there will be robots. Even for prostitution there will be sexy robots. Maximum one person will run entire company. As technology will become cheaper, more companies will start making cheaper robots and this will be the time when we will be having robots for our house work and labor class. This will create biggest difference between rich and poor ever existed in human history. Sam Harris is right in his assertion. if we do not act now, situation will be very different and sad for coming generations.

Robot will work and get paid on behalf of the owner (who will already be rich) of robot. Owner of robot will sit and enjoy. On other hand, only those poor will survive for little longer who will have land for farming for themselves.

Time makes impossible things possible:    

Year 2100: Self Reproducing robot. One of the fundamental trait of life is reproduction. Such robots will be alive if ever formed. They will either replace the humans or there will be very few families across the globe controlling them. Induced artificial evolution will select robots over humans based on survival for the fittest. The time for asking question like should machines replace human is gone, because such question was already answered and settled in favor of machines. Human creative mind has carving for challenges. We will not stop until we destroy our self or leave to the stars.

Of course, all this is predicted considering everything else as static in future. But revolutionary ideas and new reforms are part of human civilization. Such reforms change the course of future entirely. There was no time in history where one innovation dictated the whole future course of action. If any new reform took place at global level, then we might be having a different future. A much batter world with minimal difference between rich and poor. Where villages will grow like cities. Every child will have access to education and good life, every old man and women will be taken care by. A future we all want for our coming generations, not a future entrusted by few for their greed in the name of technology.

Leave Legacy for World not Just for Your Childrens:

Human do not have the same capabilities and social and moral supports to grow and be successful. Some of us are born in rich and rather well to do families. Others are born in under privilege families. Some have access to education and others don’t. Some have strong mind and will power and other don’t. As Shakespeare said “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

But there are many who do not belong to any of these categories. They are born poor, no one come up to them to thrust greatness upon them and they do not inherit genes to achieve greatness by themselves!

Whatever you have or earn, you have earn from here. So before you depart, you must return it here rather than inherit it just to your sons and daughters. They are not rightful owner of it as neither have they earned it from you nor you earn it from them. They are not rightful owner of your debt and punishments either. So by default they are not owner of your property too. You earn it from poor and under privileged people who were not able to compete with you. Hence you must return it to them as a gesture of good will.

Here is one more reason why you must do not inherit everything to your children. Your money will make them lazy and they will waste life in drugs and enjoyment rather than making their life amount to something. They will not be able to experience hard work, pain and suffering which is important to appreciate happiness and beauty of life.

Seven of world richest man on earth has decided not to inherit their money to their heirs. I too decided to give away my whole legacy to charity rather passing it on to my daughters. Of course I will support them to be successful in their life till I am alive. I will leave something for my wife too (as she is not a working women) but rest will go to charity once I am gone.  That money will be utilised to help those who does not have access to those means which I had when I was a kid. Like education, Internet, books, coaching, seminars, nutritious diet, clean drinking water, sanitation, medicine and technology.

The father of Bill Gates was not the richest man of the world but Bill gates did become world richest man without any inheritance. Before Bill gates became world richest man it was Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, in 1985 who was considered the richest person. But his son or daughter didn’t took place of richest man or women. Similarly, present richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not the son of previous richest man either. Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates and is now the richest person in the world, with a fortune topping $90 billion for the first time in 2017. So it is not the legacy but the innovation, hard work and determination which make you or your offspring rich and famous. Best of us comes out when we face most difficult situation in our lives. If you are satisfied by everything you have you are a dead person wasting energy.

Nature hates disparity. But we the human are creating disparity by inheriting our property to our offspring and denying all other from whom we accumulated it. This will not create a sustainable future. We must give back our legacy to a society which in turn assures to take care of our loved once as well as poorest of the society to help them grow and become successful.

Success of society is more important than success of individual or a family in long run. Consider a hypothetical example of a billionaire who became richest person of a country. He accumulated enough money which suffices the need of his seven generation from present standard. But because of unstained society a revolution or a civil war broke out. The whole country was devastated. The value of currency goes so low that the wealth that was sufficient for seven generation is no more sufficient to present generation. Moreover, it may happen that in this violence some of his family members die and whole wealth became useless.  On other hand if whole society will progress and even if your progeny does not have any wealth they will still survive nicely. Because in sustainable society everyone will be taken care off by society itself. Whether you die early or you die late, whether you die rich or you die poor your family will not be affected financially. Your children will still have access to education, jobs and good life.

Ethanol : Clean fuel for Future

India can save on its Petroleum Budget by introducing 20% Ethanol as additive in Petrol instead of present 5%.  Ethanol is a clean fuel but 100% ethanol (also termed as E100) cannot be used as a fuel. Due to its low freezing point it cause a problem in starting the vehicle during winter. But mixing 20% Ethanol does not make any such problem. Indeed it makes combustion better by supplying oxygen.

Presently Indian government allowed only 5% of Ethanol to be mix with petrol. If Government increase this limit to 20% then we can save a huge amount of money and Sugar cane farmers will also be benefitted. Now you might think from where sugar cane came into picture. Actually Ethanol can be produced profitably from sugarcane syrup. India is among top three sugarcane producing country in the world. Sugar cane are very good source to produce Ethanol. In Brazil, Ethanol is chiefly produced from sugarcane. Since the climate of Brazil is not cold, Ethanol is used as excellent fuel in automobiles.

E10 that is 10% Ethanol and 90% petrol can work for all automobiles which normally run on 100% petrol without any harmful effect on your vehicle engine. But for E20 or more Ethanol content fuel require compatible engines. E20 can cause damage to engine in long-term. So Government has to take steps in advance before regularised E20 fuel. It should not be done in the way as GST and de-monetization were done.  Slowly from E5 to E10 to E15 and finally E20 need to be implemented with automobiles companies making required modification in their engine to avoid any substantial damage in long run. But once we do it, not only we will be using renewable clean biofuel but also we will be able to cut our Petroleum budget as Ethanol is much cheaper compared to Petrol (Around Rs40 per liter).

Many countries are even using E85 fuel. But I doubt whether we can reach to that stage in India. Even today when we just started using 5% Ethanol in some of the states we are having shortage of supply. One reason for such a short supply is low buying rate by oil companies.Government already made it compulsory for all oil companies to blend 5% Ethanol with Petrol. But now govt. must increase limit to E10. With the huge demand presently and in future, processing Ethanol from row material is a profitable business. But it requires huge investment and skill. Govt. of India provides various benefits to those who want to start Ethanol production.India’s cabinet approved a 5 percent increase in the price of ethanol to ease pressure on suppliers. For a sustainable future and clean environment Ethanol holds a great prospective for India where sugarcane are grown abundantly.

Please share to make everyone aware about benefits of using Ethanol as fuel.

Avoid Dr Zakir Naik views in Shariah matters

We all appreciate memorizing power and information Dr.Zakir Naik has about comparative religions and Islam in particular. He is involved in many great works. But here is a word of cautious for all Muslims who consider him their Ideal or follow his preaching blindly just because he gives reference for everything. Below is a link where speeches and views of Dr. Zakir naik were scrutinized by Mufti thoroughly while answering a question about Zakir Naik. Go to the link for details as it is very long. Few important points I am listing below from the discourse:

  • Many of his views were found contradictory to Sahi Hadees.
  • Many of his interpretation of Quranic verses were against the tafseers written by earlier Islamic scholars
  • He is a da’ii of Islam and not to be considered as Scholar of Islam. He is not a qualified Aalim of deen. His comments on fiqh have no merit.
  • He is involved in an effort to turn the Muslim Ummah away from following the Mujtahid Imams.
  • The opinions of Dr Zakir Naik in Shariah matters and injunctions will not be deemed acceptable unless they are endorsed by a trusted scholar or a Mufti and general public are advised not to heed his opinions in Shariah matters.

Failures are good

We live in a world where only achievers and successful persons are recognized. Failures are highly undesirable and inadvisable. Not just society treat such persons who fail in some endeavor awfully but the person himself feels ashamed. No doubt success is great. But failure too has a great hidden side which very few appreciate or even know.

When you fail you break away from your routine daily life and find some free time for yourself. This time you can utilize in introspection and reason for your failure. Don’t waste this time in worrying and feeling dejected. Everyone fails, but you are not a failure until you give up. Greatness is not in never falling but in rising higher every time you fall. This is very precious time. Use it to start a fresh.

In daily routine life we are so occupied that we never get chance to think about our life, our priorities and the values. We became like a programmed machine. We forget what matters most for us when we initially started. Some people even forget to take a vacation and work continuously for years. A Failure gives you time to break away with this monotonous routine life. Use this time to remember what was most important for you? Ask yourself question: Is this type of life I wanted? This is the time to make a 360 degree turn if required. Else start preparing to turn your failure into bigger success by learning from it. Tension, worries and procrastination waste time and energy. Don’t waste time in worrying. It will not solve any problem. Meet Peoples who always encouraged you. Read inspirational books.

Every one of us is surrounded with small thinkers. These people demotivate you and create a doubt in your mind about your ability. Don’t listen to such people. Start Believing in your strength. We all have tremendous power hidden in our mind. This power only comes out when we faced with difficulties. Never give up. Don’t feel guilty. Human are born to make error. Forgive yourself and forget anything which makes you feel guilty. But don’t forget to learn from mistakes. Anyone can make a mistake; fool insist on repeating it. So don’t be a fool. Life teaches you lesson in harsh way. It is always better to learn from others mistake instead of making one.

Enjoy and cherish your failures as you cherish your success. Because failures make you strong. They give you time to think about yourself and most importantly they teach you a lesson.

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Bitcoins for Layman

Bitcoin is digital currency which is not yet certified by government or central bank of any country in whole world. It was created by a mysterious person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. His presence and existence is secret. Present worth of 1 Bitcoin  is many fold increased compared to last year. Bitcoins does not have any coins or physical currency associated with it. It is a crypto currency. Bitcoin are long strings of numbers and letters. It is a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. That means Bitcoins are sent from one person to another without going through banks or other middlemen and thus one can save multiple transaction fees.

Whenever there is a fault or shortcoming in a system another new improved system takes its place. Paper currency has its demerits too. Hence we need new currency system. Crypto currency seems to be one such system which has ability to replace paper currency if Government start accepting it as legal currency.

If you have extra money to invest and you are not afraid of losing it but willing to take risk for huge gains, then Bitcoin is good investment opportunity. It is easy to purchase and store using different websites. Bitcoin might emerge as a currency of future. In last few years its value has increased tremendously.

Open Your Eyes

For deeply religious Christians, especially Catholics, the Bible is infallible. Everything written in it is true, according to them, even though everyone knows that the Bible supports the geocentric theory which was already proved wrong 500 years ago. Even today, many Christians believe that the earth is 6000 years old! Many Christians do not believe in the literal truth of the Bible at the present time, but they are still Christian because of social influence. They can better be termed as “festive Christians”, who are Christian just to celebrate the festivals and so as not to be left out of society. But those who have blind faith still feel the Bible is entirely scientific and a source of spirituality. Again, for them, everything written in the Bible is true. Such believers claim that the Bible has healing powers and can motivate you greatly to lead a good life. If you but read the Bible and apply some logic, you can very easily see how real and true their beliefs actually are.

Let’s look a passage from the Bible, an English translation of Mark:

{2:1} Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and

all the host of them. {2:2} And on the seventh day God

ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the

seventh day from all his work which he had made. {2:3}

And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because

that in it he had rested from all his work which God created

and made.


The logical question that came to mind is, why did God need rest? On the one hand, he can do anything and is governing the whole universe in perfect harmony over billions of years; on the other hand, he gets tired by creating it! Moreover, if he is all-powerful, why would he do anything which would make him tired? Why can’t he just relax and enjoy? Who forced him to work and get tired? Is it his hobby?

Look at the world and its beauty; feel it and live it. Do not submit all your faculties to blind faith, and do not live a lame life. The world will be a much better place without bigotry and superstitions. Learn, educate, and search for the evidence before believing anything.

Excerpt from Open your Eyes :

Meditation-To control Subconscious

While you are busy in reading text, simultaneously you are breathing, your heart pumping blood to all parts, your kidney is filtering your blood, your skin is sensing temperature and sending signal for warm or cold environment, your ears are hearing sounds, your eyes are not only reading but also overlooking the background, your hands holding the  mouse  by applying a constant pressure on it, many more things are going on inside your body  unnoticed without consciously thinking about it. All this is controlled by your senior silent friend known as subconscious. Your subconscious is driving you silently. Though it is not your enemy but an uneducated powerful friend. Your subconscious  run your whole body without disturbing you. It comprises of 90% of our brain and thus much powerful than your conscious brain-the thinking you.


All your instant reaction are directed from sub-conscious as there is no enough time for conscious to think and take decision. But sometimes we do have time yet we allow our subconscious to react on situation in anger. All this behavior can be change by having control over your subconscious.

Our subconscious does not understand words as our conscious do. Thus making a bright and happy picture trigger your subconscious to work towards that goal. Your subconscious understand feeling and emotion’s and pictures made in your mind. Use them to alter your behavior.

Meditation is art of awakening subconscious and to create a link with it. For meditation one needs calm place with dim or no light and loose outfit. Sit on the ground preferably or on any hard surface in comfortable posture. Cross leg is better. Give a name to your sub-conscious before starting the meditation.  Slowly take deep breath. Close your eyes and try to relax while thinking that you are part of universe and you and universe are one entity.

After 5 mins or when you start feeling relaxed, start talking to your subconscious. Think about what you want to change in your behavior or inside your body. For example: anger/ quitting smoking/ losing weight/ recovery from disease.

Repeat: I want to control my anger.

I don’t want to get angry on small issues.

If I will not be angry, it will make my life better. My family will be happy. My friends will be happy

Everyone will appreciate me. I will be a happier person.

So I don’t want to be angry. Max (name your subconscious) help me to control my anger.

It will make me happy.

Try to think of happy life which bring smile on your face. Make a picture in your mind of your family and friends being happy and appreciating you. Meditate for min. 10 min. daily in the morning. Within one week to ten days we will find difference in your behavior.

Make meditation a rule of life and follow daily. It enhances your capability and control.


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