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Why we watch crime and war news on TV channels?  

Why do we want to watch news about wars, death, destruction and violence from across the world? Why we are interested in knowing all the bad stuff? Will it not make sense if we find news about creativity and compassion? At least we will feel like living a nice peaceful world. In doing so, we will sooner or later become peaceful and happier persons. So, what is the reason for such violent news shown on news channels in general?

There may be two reasons:

  • Human Nature.
  • Lack of good peaceful content

Let us discuss one by one.

Human Nature:

If you ask any businessman, what is the best way to be successful; he will tell you “give what people want”. So, if we want happy and peaceful news why TRP goes high when there is war coverage. Why crime news become sensational news? There must be something wrong in us or most of us at least. If you look at our past, around 8000 to 10,000 years back, we, the human were hunter and gatherer. World was a hostile place to live. Not only carnivorous animals were our enemy, but also we were our own enemy. Due to lack of culture and civilization, human keep fighting each other for supremacy and power. Later we fight for land and religion. Finally we are fighting for resources and ideologies. Our history is written in blood. Now, even though most of us are not fighting, still somewhere in our sub-conscious mind we are habitual of fighting. Action movies are instant block busters. Many famous video games are based on battle field. These are few examples to prove my point. Same is true with News. We are more interested in news related to crime and wars compared to peaceful news about development.

Lack of good peaceful content: I do not think that there is any scarcity of good peaceful alternative except in news. All news channels want to follow proven formula of selling crime, violence and war. There are retards who just buy newspaper to read news about rape and other such crime. For them, reporters have to find some such cases daily and publish them with intricate details. Besides news channels, we do have choice for good peaceful, informative and enriching channels showing good content programs. Take the example of Discovery and National Geographic channel. Both channels produce quality programs. If you need entertainment you can watch sports channel or comedy. Nevertheless, we choose action and graphic programs. We watch formula one car racing not to see winner or loser but to enjoy some car crashes. WWE is the favourite sport of new generation.

It is difficult to figure out who is responsible for the content of news channel. However one thing is clear, if we want to change our self no one can stop us. I hope someday news channels will understand the need and importance of peaceful, progressive news and someone somewhere will start some channel focussing on development and peace around the world.


Ten mistakes new bloggers can avoid:


  • Writing about yourself all the time: Until you are a celebrity or interesting person, avoid giving examples from your life and most importantly do not write about your daily routine. If you have a travel related blog, focus on what you see not on how your day went. No one is interested in knowing about you (heart breaking but true). People are interested in learning about themselves. Always focus on giving something to your readers, which is worthwhile for them. Write about them. Use examples from life of famous and successful persons.
  • Long Posts: Avoid long posts until and unless necessary. You can also divide your post in two parts if necessary. Some readers run away when they saw a very long post. Maximum 750-1000 words post is enough. Above that, it is better to divide it into parts.
  • Short Post with a link to other post: Please avoid it. It is a big turn off to find a link to another website or blog to read the original post. While embedding and connecting your different post is good idea, but leaving a link below heading without any content is not a good idea.
  • Duplicate content: Please avoid copy paste. Even if you took the permission of author, it is not a good idea to re-published whole of the content especially if you want to earn some bugs from your blogs. Learn about SEO (search engine optimization). Google give more preference to original content when someone search for any key word. Your ranking will go down if you keep re-publishing someone else’s content already available on web. In case you do not have permission from author, it is really a bad idea to steal someone’s post. Moreover, in copyright infringement case, you might end up paying heavy penalty or imprisonment.
  • Clarity: Sometimes writers start with one topic, but in the middle, they distracted by other thing and start writing about it in detail leaving the main topic unfinished. Make sure your blog flow like a river. Stick to one point and clarify it.
  • Lack of time: If you just come to WordPress to publish your post and left, then things will not move. Make new followers by reading their blogs and commenting on them. Follow new bloggers. In return, they will check your blogs and if they find your blogs interesting, they might follow you as well. More follower’s means more views. Hence, spent some time on WordPress.
  • Feeling upset by less views or followers: If you want to become a successful blogger, patience is must. Initially, things will be difficult but keep posting good and useful articles. It will take 3 to 6 month before you see the result. Focus on getting more followers and unique content.
  • Considering “like” or “views” as proof of Good content: Please do not be judgmental too early. There are a lot of generous bloggers who will hit like without reading your full article. So do not confuse likes with good content. Comments are the only way to know about your content. When people’s actually find your content good, they spent time and energy in commenting on your blog. If your content piss them off, they might write negative comments too. However, you must take them as opportunity for improvement.
  • Blogging for Money: If writing and sharing your ideas is not your hobby, you are in the wrong boat. Only those peoples can make money from blogging who can write for their passion free of cost for long time. Until you do not have thousand followers, you will not be able to make sufficient amount of money.
  • Choosing wrong platform: WordPress is a great platform. However, and both are two different platforms. Most of new bloggers do not know about this difference and choose wrong platform. Check online which one is better for you and join correct WordPress.

Silent Cry!

How will you feel if you have your own baby but you are not in a position to call him/her your baby? You want to cherish him/her, but you can’t! For an Author, his work, his book is like a baby. He is the one who give birth to it, after conceiving it sometimes more than nine month in his head. However, out of fear of his life, if he is unable to publish it or publish it with someone else name (pen name), the feeling is same as feeling of a mother who is unable to call her child her own. Freedom for expression and freedom of speech are good slogan, but they only exist until you are talking in favour of government, religion and society. As you open your mouth to speak against government, religion and society you lose all freedom.

There are two ways you can learn-hard way and easy way.  Hard way is try doing yourself, make mistakes and learn. Easy way is learn from other mistakes. If Salman Rushdie-Author of “Satanic Verses” knew that his book will cause bloody protest and death sentence for him, he might not published it with his name or might have edited some parts before publishing. He learn about the reality in hard way. Salman Rushdie was not brave to write such book; he was ignorant about his own community. If you are brave but not stupid, you can learn from Rushdie and many other such examples in easy way and avoid writing against some particular religions or at least take some precautions like keep your identity hidden.

The only reason people are afraid of truth is that they abide in falsehood. They neither want to be exposed not want to accept truth. The only way they can achieve their goal is by snatching your freedom of speech. What an ignorant and obdurate attitude is this! I mean, the first step in correcting yourself is to recognize you were wrong. Instead of recognizing your mistake if you are adamant that your world view is right and you are not willing to accept anything else, you will never ever find truth. You will always live in your own self-made wonderland.

What is the point in living in darkness even though that darkness console you? There is a saying by Plato “we can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” He said it 2500 years ago, and ironically, it is still valid in 21st century. Why people afraid of light is a big question? One reason might be Cognitive Dissonance.



Children are hard-wired to reject everything against their belief through indoctrination. As they grow up, they do not want to listen anything against their faith. When someone present them, a rational analysis of their irrational believes or when someone mildly criticize their superstitions, they became aggressive because logically they cannot prove their religious faith. Because Faith by definition, does not require any evidence. They start attacking your logical arguments as illogical and immoral from their standpoint. However, they fail to realize that morals are not absolute; they are relative to your belief. Religious Peoples draw their morals from their sacred scriptures believed to be written by GOD. In this case, if God of religion is pro human, we find pro human morals. Else, morals might be anti-feminist or caste and race based. Religion like Judaism teaches that Jews are chosen one. Hinduism teaches rigid caste system. Christianity for long time supported Slavery system. In Shia Muslims, Muta (Short Contract marriage) is still in practice.

Anything that is against religion is unacceptable to the followers. Everything else, they are open to accept from same source. Whether you have concrete evidence or logical arguments, nothing suffice to trans pass faith. It seems that doors of mind opens from inside not outside. You keep on knocking from outside but it will not yield any result. As long as people’s will not understand that they are victim of cognitive dissonance and unconscious biases (click here to know more about unconscious biases), they will not even try to overcome it.

There is a very thin line between brevity and stupidity. Intellectuals around the globe are forced to cry silently for their right for freedom of expression and free speech. Because even slight criticism about some religions and governments can make their life in danger.

War and Peace:

Part-1: WARS

Whenever I start believing we are living in most peaceful time ever, I found some disturbing pictures of mass killing and wars on social media. Last time it was Myanmar, now it is Syria. It seems like Muslims are becoming soft target everywhere. Partially Muslims are responsible for it. They keep fighting each other. Nevertheless, as Indian home minister rightly said during Gujarat riots, “one injustice cannot justify other injustice”. However, people keep justifying voilance as a tool for justice.

Waging war without proper investigation, without trying peaceful diplomatic solutions, is immoral. All nations must respect sovereignty of other Nations. If something wrong is happening in some country, economic sanctions and diplomatic means must be used by world community rather than waging war. Afghanistan, a war-ruined country, attacked by some of the mighty forces of the world just to capture one person. They toppled the government, destroyed the nation and killed thousands of innocent civilians but they were unable in capturing Osama Bin Laden at that time. CIA was not able to find one person. To capture him, America went on War on Terror. To hide their own failure, they diverted world attention towards war against Afghanistan. Similarly, in IRAQ no weapons of mass destruction were found, yet it was attacked, destroyed and left to breed terrorism. Same was the case with Libya. Blaming only Americans is wrong. Few Muslim countries do not want other gulf countries to have strong Army and economy. Whenever there is a war, they keep quite or help USA and her allies.
In Myanmar, America has no interest. Kill Rohingya peoples, rape them and kick them out of their country but it will neither qualify as Terrorism nor as human right violations. Because in this case it is Muslims who are suffering. Moreover, Myanmar (also known as Burma) does not have Petroleum.
If people like Aung San Suu Kyi (the State Counsellor, a position equivalent to a Prime Minister)  could win Nobel Prize for peace in 1991 without any investigation about her views on Rohingya Minority, I have serious doubt about the transparency and credibility of Nobel Peace Prize. If there is no provision of revoking Nobel Prize, in that case, at least they must criticize Suu Kyi recent acts of supporting violence and covering it up as against the spirit of Nobel peace prize.


Since WWII, there were very few major wars and border disputes across the globe, some are mentioned above. Every country has a well define international border. Though there are, some exceptions but that does not affect development of major economic powers. 70 years of peace for economic super powers means development in science, technology, weapons, literature, art, culture and medicines. More and more countries are striving to develop indigenous technologies. China emerged as fastest growing economy in world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing at unprecedented rate. There are two forces working together which are increasing speed of development. First, increase in population of educated youth. Second is human machine interface. For example, computing power increased tremendously paving the way to solve difficult problems. Storing, processing and sharing data is becoming faster. Internet has changed everything. Anyone can learn about the latest technologies around the globe. Countries are spending more on R & D than ever before. We are more connected than ever before across the globe. All these are fruits of Peace in world. If countries can resolve border issues and stop internal civil wars peacefully, this speed of development and prosperity can increase further. Let us force our government to choose peace over war.

FUTURE: Electric Cars Vs Fuel Cell Cars.

On one hand, electric car-makers are constructing mega factories for mass production of Li-ion batteries on other hand Japanese companies are investing heavily on hydrogen Fuel cell technology. This race is not about who will come first, rather who will sustain in global market finally. Presently and decisively Electric vehicle driven by Li-ion batteries are leading the trend with reduction in battery pack price and increase use of solar energy. Electric vehicles made lot of improvement in recent time. Much of it can be attributed to Tesla-first electric carmaker who took concept of electric cars much seriously than any other carmaker. They set very high standard for electric cars and make much needed improvement to compete with traditional IC engine cars running on gasoline. Charging time reduced from hours to several minutes. Mileage too increases considerably. All these improvement made EV a better solution to IC engine causing pollution. EV do not cause air or sound pollution and is a safe car. However, they need electricity. Sometimes electricity is produced by burning coal, which again cause pollution. Solar power is a workable solution. However, with present efficiency of solar cell, it will be difficult to fulfill future domestic demand. Thus, electric vehicles are not the best solution for future in developing countries.

In future, people will prefer car with inbuilt energy powerhouse. A car, which can run longer than normal electric vehicle and IC engine without creating pollution and have a safe quick re-filling. As soon as hydrogen or any other fuel cell meet these criteria then that will be the turning point in history of Fuel cell vehicle (FCV). At present, peoples are concern about safety of using hydrogen as fuel. Of course, electric vehicle are safest compared to FC and IC engine. Nevertheless, with advancement in technology, fuel cell will become safer than IC engine, which we used for decades. The biggest obstacle for fuel cell cars is filling station, which require lot of money in establishment. Without filling stations, no one will buy such cars. Slowly but surely as filling station will increase, demand for FCV will increase too. With improvement in technology and mass production, price of cars fitted with Fuel cell will decrease considerably.

As we have saying, “Slow and steady wins the race” it is possible that future belongs to FCV. Batteries are temporary solution. If we find a way to fill a vehicle directly from hydrogen cylinders then we can cut off expansive filling station requirement to hydrogen cylinder storage depot.Normally a FCV requires 35-90 MPA pressure. In market, cylinders are available up to 90MPa as well. We only need a hose pipe with connector to fill the Car tank. Some innovative ideas required to make FCT a feasible reality.

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