Sustained Society

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World (Episode-5)

Click here to read from Episode-1 I was ready for surprise attack, as we reached near guards, Jubisco jumped on them like the Superman, and he was flying parallel to the ground. In a split second, I make… Read More

Alien Abduction- Story of a Female World (Episode-3)

  Click here for Episode-1 I was tired and reached to a level of emotional break down, I wanted to weep and cry loudly. But I control myself. I wanted to prove to them that I am not… Read More

Alien Abduction- The Story of A Female World (Episode-2)

  Click here for Episode-1 Extreme sports were my hobby. Biking, Tracking, Skydiving and kick boxing were few things I enjoyed in free time. I was an Alpha male, that’s why they might choose me. I was 25… Read More