You can change the world.

Close your eyes, and think for a moment that this life is first and the last chance for you to make your mark on earth! Are you doing your best? Look at animals, they breed, eat, drink, sleep, breath and finally die. They do not have even half of intelligence that human has, still they do more than half of similar works we do in our life. We breed, eat, drink, sleep, breath and finally die.

What is the benefit of being most intelligent species on earth if we live same life as animals do? What we achieved in last 10, 000 years is nothing compare to what we could have achieved if every human had contributed equally.  Just look at the below pictures and think, how many Einstein and Newton’s we have lost.


Power of religion

Why Creator gave us so much intelligence if he wanted us to live like this? No true religion can degrade humans to this level. A true religion must teach us how to live an organised, progressive, purposeful, meaningful and happy life. It should treat everyone equal. No slavery, no caste system, no difference between black and white. When Creator created everyone, there should not be any difference. All humans must be treated equal.

Present population of earth exceeds seven billion. How many persons do you know? If you are well-informed and socially and politically active, you might know maximum of 1000 persons by name and recognise their face too. What about other 6.9999 billion people? Are they live on some other planet?

World knows only those people who are famous and those who achieved something in their life. We all have equal potential to grow and to succeed in life, however, only few of us dare to take calculated risk. Still few dream and think big. And least of us never give up. They are those who change the world.

Human mind has tremendous power. We only need to realise it, focus on it and channelized it in right direction. You can change the world. You just need to believe in your capabilities. A wise man is one who has full control of himself. Before knowing other things, you must know yourself. You can do whatever you want to do. Believe in yourself and think before acting. Do not wait for tomorrow to start anything. Do it now. First plan it and then execute your plan.

Nothing is impossible for a determined person. Never underestimate yourself. Never be afraid of challenges life throws towards you. Only tough situation brings out best of you. Treat every problem as an opportunity.

Human beings are superior to all creatures, because of our ability to reason and self-control in any situation.


Are we really Intelligent ?

Human beings are very interesting. Most of them are self-obsessed. They think they are very intelligent. However, if you ask them compare to what? They might not have any answer for some time. Then after thinking they will reply compared to all other life form on earth! Oh Wow, as if world is full of intelligent species. Truth is not so pleasant. Truth is we are emotional fools. Have you ever cried while watching movies? Have you ever started jumping and yelling when your team wins in a match and you are watching it on TV? How about breaking TV and throwing things when your team lost a match? When it comes to personal safety we do some really cool stuff. As soon as we notice there are no policemen to watch us around, we remove safety belt of our car seat. We actually need laws to make people wear helmet while driving bikes! In construction sites, companies hire safety officers to ensure that workers are wearing safety harness because workers do not feel any danger while working on height. They are more interesting to show their bravery! One last example is of death of any loved one. For few days we keep weeping, crying and remain sad as if by doing so dead person will come back. We know for sure, he will not come back but our emotions make us do what we do. All the above behaviour does not qualify as an intelligent reaction to our situation.


Still we believe firmly that we are an intelligent species! We feel we are intelligent but actually it is just a wishful thinking. Since we do not have any competitor we believe we are intelligent. As AI advances, machines start beating us in games. If we will not come out of our wonderland and keep improving machines to do our work, soon we will create our own masters.

It is important to realize that we are not at apex of intelligence. We are just a little more intelligent than other animals. There are vast areas of improvement in our intelligence especially emotional control. Collectively, if we ever succeed in making a machine just a notch higher in intelligence than humans, that day will be the beginning of our end. We can’t imagine and think what they can do and how such super artificial intelligence (SAI) will interact with society! Any machine smarter than us can easily find a way to beat us.

In 1997, Deep Blue — the computer created by IBM — defeated World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov. Alpha Go defeated the human champion of Chinese game “GO”, which is several times difficult than Chess.

Google Deep mind- the maker of Alpha Go, are pioneer in machine learning using neural network. Their speciality is that while other programs focus on just one area and excels in it, Deep mind is trying to create AI program capable for general purpose. Their progress so far is impressive and if they continue to develop their programs, soon we will have human level AI. It will not take more than a decade to surpass human and make a SAI.

SAI will be more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. We can never able to predict how SAI will behave.  SpaceX/Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls super intelligence “our greatest existential threat” and donated $10 million from his personal fortune to study the danger. However, if we will be able to control it, it will be biggest invention of human civilization. SAI will solve many difficult problems we are facing in every walk of our life. This will start a new era in human civilization.


Love all, hate none.

Often times we live in isolation with other communities and over a period of time, based on propaganda or news about very small group or people, we make a negative image in our mind about whole community. We became typical stereotype. In most of the cases we are wrong about our opinion. When we start meeting more and more peoples of any community we realise that they are more like us or infect, in some cases, better than us. Talk to peoples having different opinions. Debate with them using soft word and hard arguments. Then only you will learn whether your opinions were true or false. Do not hide behind your private wall and believe you are right. keep your mind open for new ideas.

World does not exist in black and white. World is colourful. Go around; meet different people in public places. Do not hate the whole community just because you heard negative news about few peoples of that community. Not all peoples are good or bad, there are some good peoples and few bad peoples in every community. Do not hold prejudices about anyone without meeting and knowing about them.

Hate is not the solution; it can only make things worse. No one born good or bad, our situation makes us and shapes us as good or evil. In my school, there was a quote written on the wall from Bhagwat Gita “Hate the sin not the sinner”. It contains profound wisdom. Suppose there is a person who was involved in substance abuse. Later he come out of that dirty world and wants to start new normal life. As he left his bad habit, he is no more a bad person. Unfortunately, there will be people around him in society, who will not treat him nicely. They will not meet him nor let anyone to be friend with him.  When a person left bad habit, he is no longer a bad person. We must treat him nicely and give him due respect as we give to other.

Love and kindness have great power. It can melt the heart and change the mind. Spread love and kindness. We all are human. Our misunderstanding make us different, otherwise we all are same. Love is a profitable business, whereas hate only has losses. Love everyone. Treat them as human being like you. Your love, care, support and empathy has power to change people mind and heart.

Look at the world and its beauty; feel it and live it. Do not submit all your faculties to blind faith, and do not live a lame life. The world will be a much better place without prejudices and stereotype. Learn, educate, and search for the evidence before believing anything. It happens all the time that we believe something, but then, later on, we come to realise it is incorrect. “Oh! This is not the truth!” we may then say. So the right way is to be sceptical: value others’ views, and don’t just stick with your opinion, especially when all evidence and hard facts goes against it.