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Charity is not Enough!

It is quite easy to live life by ignoring problems around you which are not directly related to you. However, it is not the best way tolive. Indeed it is very insensitive way to live your life. By… Read More

Life is…

Life is not fair. However you can choose to be fair with others. Life is tough. However, you can make it easy by becoming tougher. Life is uncertain. However, you can be certain about life by living in… Read More

Live for Today

    “Life is like an Ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!”   When there is night in the west, there is a day in the East. Therefore, earth remain bright all the time. Similarly, in our… Read More

Never give up!

We all face difficulties in our life at some point of time; however, different people handle such situation differently. How you tackle your problems determine what kind of person you are! Different approach can work for different people,… Read More

Work hard, party harder

Life is beautiful. To make it more beautiful you need to organise your professional life properly. Always keep your personal and professional life separate. Unfortunately, in Indian subcontinent, this is not the case. Employees will bring tension and… Read More

Ten bitter truths

  If you are not powerful, nobody cares whether you are right or wrong? If you will not step forward, someone else will take your place. Life is not fair, don’t expect what you deserve. Do not confuse… Read More

A Journey to the Land of Bliss…

Please read till the end to find meaning of the post. Once upon a time, there was a nomad tribe. Their leader had a book of guidance and a map to reach the ultimate place of bounty, pleasure… Read More

Alien Abduction- The Story of A Female World (Episode-2)

  Click here for Episode-1 Extreme sports were my hobby. Biking, Tracking, Skydiving and kick boxing were few things I enjoyed in free time. I was an Alpha male, that’s why they might choose me. I was 25… Read More

What is Life?

What is life? Sometimes this question raise in our mind. Is a rock alive? How about flowing water or gushing wind? Why we can’t say machines are alive when they can work and move around? How about trees?… Read More

Three Habits which we must remove from our life:

1)Not accepting our mistakes : To err is human. We all make mistakes. However, some acknowledge their mistakes publically, some privately, some in their mind and some are adamant at not accepting it. Those who do not accept… Read More

Real Happiness:

Most of us want a decent job to earn enough money to live a happy life. However, within a short span of time, they realize that they are not happy even though they are earning ample salary. Money… Read More

Discover yourself & live a meaningful life:

For whole life, we remain busy in learning about everything except our self. For first 20 years (up to graduation) of our education, we learn about the world and everything in it. However, no one teach us about… Read More