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Why you believe what you believe?

  It is a common experience that we trust our parents and close friends much easily than strangers. However, sometimes it may happen that a stranger is telling you truth and your parents are lying with you. Mare… Read More

Ten lies we often speak:

  You think you are very smart when you speak a lie and and get away with it, however, sometimes your elders, your loved one’s or your boss knew that you are lying but do not correct you… Read More


  In every era, some myth and superstitions prevailed. Even though we are living in the age of science and technology, even today you can find new types of myth. It is difficult to prove whether Aliens visiting… Read More

How to conquer your fear:

  One of the most important thing that holds us back from achieving our goal is Fear. There are different kind of fears. Fear of Failure Fear of disrespect Fear of rejection Fear of injuries Fear of losing… Read More

Creativity requires freedom:

  We are living in a free world; most of the countries obtain their freedom more than fifty years back. Most of us living today are born in free countries. But are we really free? Relations, religions, caste,… Read More

A Journey to the Land of Bliss…

Please read till the end to find meaning of the post. Once upon a time, there was a nomad tribe. Their leader had a book of guidance and a map to reach the ultimate place of bounty, pleasure… Read More

Truth about Astrology-Part:I

We never know what can inspire us to write new blog. While surfing through different blogs, I come across a blog on astrology. In 21st century, when we already landed on moon and planning to send man on… Read More

Open Your Eyes

For deeply religious Christians, especially Catholics, the Bible is infallible. Everything written in it is true, according to them, even though everyone knows that the Bible supports the geocentric theory which was already proved wrong 500 years ago…. Read More