Indians must Stop Criticising and start taking responsibility


Let me start with some Quotes first:

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.”

“It is a thing of no great difficulty to raise objections against another man’s oration – nay, it is very easy; but to produce a better in its place is a work extremely troublesome.”

“When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them.”

Yes, it is easier to be critical than correct. It is even easier to criticize anyone or anything. Though, it is not always worthwhile to criticize and complain, still we do it most of time. Finding mistakes and flaws in others work is easiest and favourite pass time for most of us. Even if you asked a layman about complicated problem, he will tell you several solutions. However, there are very few things so easy in real world. It is very easy to say anything, but when you are decision maker, very few choices you have!

Take the example of recent Indian Government under leadership of Mr. Modi. During election campaign, Mr. Modi promise everything for every citizen of India. One crore jobs every year, 15 lakh rs. In every Indian account, corruption eradication, equality and reduction in prices of commodity. Four years are over to this government and employment rate is at lowest, no black money came from swiss bank, corruption is still prevalent, Dollar price is increasing causing Rs to fall. Petrol prices are at highest even though crude price were lowest for last two years in international market.

Though, I do not think that BJP government and Mr. Modi has done much in last 4 years, nevertheless, it will be dishonest to say that he have not achieve anything at all. It will be wrong to criticize every policy and every decision of present government.

Implementing GST across the nation is one of the most important achievements of present government. Swachh Bharat Shauchalaya Yojana (Free toilet scheme) was another good initiative. There are few ministers who are doing exceptionally well like  Sushma Swaraj (Minister of External Affairs of India) and Mr. Nitin Gadkari (Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport and Highways) Before expecting more from government we must look at ourselves. We have no right to complain about any Government. We are the one who elected the government.

We, the citizens of India are corrupt and do not care about our nation. We only talk about patriotism. However, when time comes to show our patriotism, we start calculation profit and loss. Even though, we knew that promises made during elections are fake (Jumla) and will never be fulfil, still majority voted for a communal government for obvious reason. I am sure they will do the same again. It is high time to realise that communal powers (which ever religion they might belong to) has created a big divide between us. Realization of problem is the first step in resolving it.

Every citizen of country has a lot of responsibility. Democracy does not function well without active involvement of citizens. Casting our vote is one small part of our various responsibilities. In dictatorship, you have no right to raise your voice. But in democracy, you have to raise your voice for every wrong policy and every wrong deed of government. Raise your voice, whether it is through peaceful protest, through online campaign or through writing letters. Use every democratic and peaceful means to protest for your rights. Do not wait for election. Your responsibility does not end after voting, it just start from there. Do not live like a slave-blind and deaf.

Every Indian, whether earning or not, is paying tax-directly or indirectly to government. Government is answerable to public for every penny they spent. It is illogical to think that next time we will vote for another party and our problems will be solved. Politicians knew that we are divided in religions and castes. As long as we will not give a clear message to them that we need development, we need employment and we need quality of life they will keep winning elections based on caste and religious politics. Political parties no longer saw us as human being. We are mare vote bank for them. Development of India depends on Indians not on political parties. We have to send a clear message to every political party that we will not allow any criminal candidate in election. We want party manifesto based on development and how they will achieve it. How many industries, hospitals, and universities they will open in our area if they will be elected. When they come for asking vote for them, ask them where they were for last five years? What they did and what they will do in next five years.


India must focus on STEM for its Future

I am not talking about Stem cells! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Indians are champion in mathematics, thus we have to focus on Science and Technology. We have to create atmosphere of innovation and learning. Education should be made more practical rather than memorizing mare facts and information to pass exams.

A new revolution is required in Education system. In New Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015) is doing remarkable work in the field of education. Whole India should follow the same model. Schools must use videos and audio for teaching. Fifth graders must have own laptops. Internet should be compulsory in schools. If any student fail in exam even after attending 90% of classes, Teachers must be hold responsible. Students should be taught about practical use of subject they are learning. More budgets should be allocated for education.

US education policy figure out STEM as most important educational areas where more students and teachers are requires keeping US on top of world.

These four areas hold immense potential in future and present. Only those countries ruled the world who respected talent and invested in innovation and new research. USA is not no.1 because she is rich in natural resources, but because every talented person is welcome in US and they spent billions of dollars on research and development. US, China, Japan are top three countries having maximum nos. of International Patent in 2017. US is world largest economy and China is fastest emerging economy making one to one correlation between nos. of Patent and economic prosperity and growth. India does not make in the list of top ten.

No one will stop you if you keep dreaming to make India super power or at least developed country in next ten years or by 2030. However, it will not change anything. Blaming government too will not change anything. After all we, the citizen of India, choose our own government to destroy our own country. India is a democratic country. Power is in the hand of citizens. We do not need revolution to change government. We just need to vote sensibly. We need to understand that government is for developing country, not for making Temples and Mosque. Religion is a private affair; we can take care for it. Government must do what it is supposed to do i.e. developing and building infrastructure, border security, making and implementing national & International policies, controlling inflation, strengthening law and order, housing for poor’s and subsidy to farmers etc.

India is a young country. When I was 21, I use to think that within ten years India will be developed country. But nothing changed. We are actually moving backward. Unemployment is at highest. People are applying for Peon jobs after doing graduation and post-graduation. Tolerance is at lowest level. Rich are becoming richer and poor farmers are committing suicide. Instead of controlling population, peoples are advocating to produce more children. We can change all this by the power of our vote.

Cast your vote based on past performance of government not on what they are promising for future. Politicians never fulfilled their promises. Do not vote for the party. Vote for right candidate. An honest person, who do not have any previous criminal record and he must be educated. If Election commission or government cannot set the rules for politicians, we have to set our own standards.

Wake Up India

Note: Purpose of writing this blog is not to share my life experience but to make everyone realize how we are becoming habitual of everything around us and fail to realise what miserable life we are living!

It has been two years since I was working abroad. It was time for my vacation and I was super excited. Finally, after two years I am going back to my country. I booked my ticket, purchased some gifts for my family and friends, packed my bags and left for India. Morning 4 am I landed in India. I took a deep breath and my eyes were filled with tears. As I came out of the Delhi airport (IGI) my family was eagerly waiting for me. It was like a morning of Eid.

While coming out of Delhi there was so much noise of horns and traffic jams. I finally make a remark about it and everyone in the Innova started laughing. By brother exclaimed, “Oh yes, now we have an NRI! Sir this is India you were born here and in two-year, you start feeling problem with noise?” I sit quietly afterwards. We stopped at one Dhaba for breakfast. I eat delicious paratha with aachar and  chai. There was lot of dust due to running automobiles on main road. I ignored everything and focused on my breakfast. Finally we reached home city around 10 am. To reach home we have to cross bazzar. It was too crowded and roads were too narrow for one car. Our driver was expert and habitual in this conditions so he managed and we reached home where my mother was eagerly waiting for me. She hugged me and offer tap water. It was winter so no need to cool water. We talk for about an hour, have lunch and then I went to sleep. When I wake up my stomach was making sounds and I rush to toilet. I vomit and later diagnosed with food poisoning.

We have amazing habit of adaptability. In developing and under developing country we do not care about germs. We eat fruits without washing them; we eat without washing our hand with soap. We do not care about pollution level nor we bother to test water we are drinking. Still most of us became habitual of digesting everything we eat and drink. Even spicy food has no effect on us.

In just two years, all those habits changed and now I was no more immune to germs. I cannot drink tap water or unfiltered underground water, which my whole family can drink without any problem. I can not eat street food too. When I go to market I feel chaos and crowdedness. There are areas where I am afraid to drive two-wheeler because of traffic. Bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, cars, tractor, bullock cart and pedestrian everyone moving on the same road. Shops are extended on roads and covering half of the road.

Some one told  me a story. If you put a frog in warm water, it will jump out quickly. But if you put a frog in normal water and start heating water slowly. Frog will not be able to notice the rise in temperature until water start boiling. Are we going through the same phase? Slowly and gradually, our condition is becoming worst. Population is increasing abruptly. Cities are becoming more and more crowded. Noise, pollution, poverty and cost of living all are increasing. Now a day, we do not find space to make our home. We are forced to live in Flats. When you go out of your country and specially visit any developed country or a rich country then only you realize we are living in inhuman conditions. However, we never realize it. We are happy with small improvements in life and ignoring the bigger picture. Roads are better now, every day we see new model of cars. What about our banking system? What about our education system? What about our soldiers who are complaining about food? What about increasing unemployment in educated youth. For uneducated people’s government has pakoda policy for employment. What is the government plan for Engineers and other professionals? Corruption is increasing day by day. Accountability is decreasing. No one is willing to take blame of fail government policy. De-monetization failed badly but no one took its responsibility. We are moving backward except some lucky corrupt big business man and politicians who are making money. 1% Rich Indians are having 73% of total Indian money. If masses of India will not understand there duty towards nation, nothing will change. Wake up and vote for candidates who are not corrupt. Do not vote for party. Vote for a candidate who is not involve in any corruption and criminal case, who is available to listen your problem. Let us send a message to corrupt parties that they will not get our vote by hook or crook. Our vote is our power. In democracy, you do not need revolution to change government. Just use your vote sensibly and everything will be fixed.